County announces AIS plan

The Carver County Board of Commissioners discussed and adopted its 2013 aquatic invasive species program at its Feb. 26 regular session.

Parks Director Marty Walsh presented the Board with multiple options for the upcoming lake season, with the Board choosing Option B.

This option includes inspection services at Lake Minnewashta, Lake Bavaria, Lake Waconia, as well as other lakes within the Carver County Watershed District and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

While exact hours and inspection dates have yet to be decided while the county waits on funding approvals, the 2013 program aims to provide inspection services at times of higher use such as early mornings and weekends.

Last year, Lake Bavaria began with a roving inspection program that was bolstered by the Friends of Lake Bavaria, allowing inspections seven days a week by mid season. This year, the funding isn’t available for every day inspections, but the program will focus on those days and times of heavier traffic.

For Lake Waconia, the county hopes to use a daily approach, provided the appropriate levels of funding are approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

“Until we have actual funding sources secured, it’s difficult to say just what that program will be,” Walsh said, but added that the county is leaning towards more full-time service at Lake Waconia.

What’s new for 2013 are the additional lakes that the watershed districts are offering funds for. Additional lakes will be inspected on a roving basis and have yet to be decided, but could include lakes such as Hydes, Reitz, Wasserman, Pierson, Parley, and Virginia.

In the coming months, the county will also explore the idea of a centralized inspection service, where certain inspection sites could allow boaters access to lakes that do not have on-shore services.

The Carver County Water Management Organization aims to tackle aquatic invasive species in three ways: education, monitoring, and inspections.

Also at the Feb. 26 meeting, April 6, 2013 was proclaimed Cancer Awareness Day in Carver County, in conjunction with the kickoff of Relay for Life of Waconia’s annual event; new employees John Schimelpfenig (Public Works, highway/park maintenance), Sam Pertz (Public Works, parks/trail supervisor), and Patrick Lambert (Public Works, right of way agent) were officially welcomed; and used benches and furniture from the Social Services lobby area are being donated to Mary’s Wish in Waconia.

The next meeting of the Carver County Board will be March 12 at 9 a.m.


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