Royal Happenings: Teach your children about fire safety

Pull StationBy Wade Miller

W-M Buildings and Grounds Supervisor

Although Fire prevention Month is in October, it is one of those topics that should always be in the back of our minds, especially when children are involved. There are so many good articles and tips for training kids at a young age about fire safety. Just Google “Teaching Children Fire Safety” and you will have lots of good information.

In the schools, there are a lot of fire safety devices that monitor our schools. Smoke detectors are located throughout the building that will trigger an alarm. We also have smoke detectors in all air handling units that shut them down if triggered, thus not giving fire or smoke a chance to travel through duct work and spread throughout the building. Another such device is a pull station. Pull stations are located throughout the building and are used when someone sees fire or smoke, and the building needs to be evacuated.

I added a picture of the pull station and ask that parents who visit the schools with their little ones for events, open gyms and those sort of activities please show this to your kids and let them know they should not be playing with this, and what will happen if they do. In the last month we have had two false alarms due to a pull station being pulled by a little one at the high school thus setting off the alarms and having the fire department called out to the school.

If this happens and you witness this, please stay and let the fire department know what happened. The district only gets three false calls in a year, and then will be charged. Each time it is a false alarm and they respond, the bill will go up for every false call.

Each year the school is required to do five fire drills within the school year, and every three years the fire marshall inspects all schools. There are yearly inspections where all emergency lights are checked, fire extinguishers, fire panel and sprinkler systems and horn and strobe lights as well.

Let’s be safe, and thank you.

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