County, family reach agreement on park land deal

An amended purchase agreement regarding the last piece of land earmarked for Lake Waconia Regional Park was approved and signed on Tuesday, April 9 between the Carver County Board and Alta Investments, LCC, the company representing the Pauls, the family that owns the parcel of land.
The county is set to close on the parcel on June 14, 2013.
Originally announced as a verbal agreement in November 2012, the purchase was put on hold to allow new rules by the Metropolitan Council to take effect. At the same time, the family was processing another agreement with the county in a separate land deal (the Manakiki property on Lake Waconia).
According to Carver County Administrator Dave Hemze, the Metropolitan Council formula for calculating county funds changed in January 2013. By waiting to proceed with the purchase until the new year, the county saved over $800,000 in matching funds according to the new rules.
“The biggest driver for us (in waiting) was the change in the Met Council formula,” Hemze said.
With changes in market value and costs associated with the postponement of the purchase, the new negotiated purchase price of the land is $3,552,000 plus $70,000 in closing and professional service fees. The adjusted price is $322,352 more than the original purchase price set in November 2012.
Additional agreements within the purchase include an $800,000 down payment within seven days of the signed purchase agreement, the property comes as is with all faults, the county will order the Title Commitment and pay all 2013 and beyond property taxes and customary closing costs, as well as negotiating services with Dan Wilson.
This acquisition of 19.29 acres of land is the last piece in the Lake Waconia Regional Park master plans, dating back to 1975. The acreage includes 890 feet of shoreline, as well as a 40-foot hillside that provides a panoramic view of the lake and Coney Island, the city of Waconia, and other land.
According to a recent press release, County Board Chairman Tim Lynch said this parcel is the last piece of the “park puzzle.”
“Some of the many benefits to acquiring the park property include conservation, ability to realize the park’s planned recreation space, allows to resolution of Old Beach Lane and a trail connecting the city to the park and it provides a buffer for sight and noise,” Lynch said.
Some the planned recreation space includes a public boat access in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources.
The purchase of this land allows the removal of Old Beach Lane. Stopping traffic along the lane is consistent with the city of Waconia and the county’s plans for a trail connecting Waconia to the park. Utility lines along Old Beach Lane are planned to be moved from the lakeshore.