Ayers looking forward to serving Waconia

Waconia’s newest council member, Lynn Ayers, is shown taking the oath of office for the Waconia City Council during the council meeting on April 1. (Patriot photo by Todd Moen)
Waconia’s newest council member, Lynn Ayers, is shown taking the oath of office for the Waconia City Council during the council meeting on April 1. (Patriot photo by Todd Moen)

With her extensive leadership experience and knowledge of business, public policy and other relevant fields, Lynn Ayers should prove to be a valuable member of the Waconia City Council.
Ayers was one of three citizens to apply for a Ward I council seat that opened after Jim Sanborn resigned from the position after he and his family moved out of Ward I earlier this year. After interviewing for the seat and being appointed to the council in late March, Ayers was officially sworn in during the council meeting on April 1.
A resident of Waconia for more than two decades, Lynn Ayers is excited to join the council.
“Waconia has grown considerably since my husband and I moved here in 1985,” she said. “We have worked and have raised our family in Waconia. We are blessed with an engaged community, excellent health care, strong school system, good governance and many natural amenities and beauty. The last 25 years has seen a lot of growth and change in Waconia. I am interested in supporting the future growth of Waconia.”
Ayers has never served on a city council or school board but she is no stranger to service.
“I have served on a wide variety of boards in Minnesota and the Southwest Metro,” said Ayers, who has served as the board chair for several chambers of commerce (Chanhassen, Chaska/Carver), is a past board member of the SW Metro Chamber, and was president of the Chaska Rotary Club (where she remains a member).
She also had a three-year appointment on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Medical Services Advisory Board and has 25 years of service on Public Health Advisory Boards for Carver County.
Ayers has also sat on a variety of boards and committees, including Medical Reserve Corp, Health Board, Carver County/regional emergency preparedness, Statewide Health Improvement Program, and tobacco free initiatives; she currently serves on Carver County Health Partnership Board.
“I have spent the majority of my career working in an administrative position with Ridgeview Medical Center,” said Ayers, whose education includes a master’s in public health with a focus on environmental and occupational health, along with policy and business.
“At Ridgeview, I developed the Business Health department, which worked with area industry to help them keep their employees healthy, productive and safe in the workplace,” she explained. “This work allowed me to learn a lot about our southwest metro communities, cities and area businesses and what it takes to be a successful community, city and business.”
Ayers’ husband of 32 years is Tim Looby, who is Partner at Melchert Hubert Sjodin Law Firm. The couple has three daughters, Maureen, Bridget, and Anna Ayers Looby. Ayers has been involved in a variety of school and community initiatives, including curriculum advisory council (ISD 110), arts council, marching band, show choir, confirmation leader, and hosting exchange students/families.
“We are big supporters of music and we coordinate ‘house concerts’ with a consortium for musicians that perform in our home,” said Ayers, who enjoys traveling in the U.S. and internationally. In fact, she recently returned home from leading a team of young professionals to central India for a month.
Ayers grew up on a farm outside of St. Cloud.
“With my father at 92, my focus the last several years has been on transitioning our family farm to the next generation,” she noted.
As a member of the city council, Ayers is keeping an open mind about what she wants to accomplish.
“I have no specific agenda, no single issue,” she said. “I appreciate the opportunity to bring another voice and perspective to the city and hopefully positively contribute to our future growth.”

Also from the April 1 meeting:
• The council approved a contract with GMH Asphalt Corp in the amount of $611,260.40 for the 2013 Infrastructure Improvement Project.
GMH Asphalt Corp was one of five companies to bid on the project, which includes street reconstruction (Olive, Vine and Cedar between Lake and Main streets), trail reconstruction (Ravenwood and Hilltop Development Trail from CSAH 10 to Sparrow Road), mill and overlay (Ravenwood and Hilltop Development Streets and Sparrow Road from Hwy 284 to Niagra Street), and new trail construction (Sugarbush Park).
In addition, the city will be funding several “outside of scope” projects including road fabric for Sparrow Road segment (should help extend life of heavily traveled road) and landscaping materials for a buffer in Sugarbush Park. These costs total just under $40,000.
The project is expected to start in May and be completed in August.
• The council approved a contract with Drop-n-Go, Inc., a company that will provide a mailing address verification system and barcoding for the city’s utility billing statements. Officials estimate that the changes will save the city more than $3,000 in postage and supply costs during the year.
• Travis Scheffler was chosen to fill the Maintenance Worker – Streets position, which drew the interest of more than 100 applicants. Kelley Arman was selected to fill the permanent part-time On-Site Manager position at Safari Island.
• The council’s next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 15.