Passionate local talk show hosts promote community, fun

By Marni Daugaard

KTWN is now KGLB. This is one, if not the only, change noted by the hosts of Norwood Young America Talk, which airs Fridays at 1 p.m. on 1310 AM (local radio personalities Dave Elling and Elroy Latzig remember the new call letters by an acronym: Kevin Garnett Loves Baseball). Otherwise it’s business as usual for Elling and Latzig as they prepare for and host their weekly radio show.
Over the three years of the show’s broadcast, they have developed a formula that works well and see no need to make any significant changes, although Elling did think of one development.
“I think I’ve cut down the number of times (I stutter and pause) from a high of 25 to about 10,” he joked.
When the station originally launched in July 2009, Station Manager Jeremy Stender approached Elling with an idea for a radio show. Elling was enthusiastic about the idea, but they still needed to find a co-host. Latzig seemed like a natural choice.
“Elroy is Mr. Norwood Young America … he’s just so active in the community … his love for our community is unquestioned,” Elling said. “We both have a passion for our town. We like to promote it as much as we can.”
And promote it they do. During the opening segment, they always discuss news and upcoming events taking place in Norwood Young America, Hamburg and Cologne.
The main segment is always an interview of a local guest hailing from any number of sectors. They’ve done shows with local church leaders, school educators, civic leaders, event planners, local experts and those who have a colorful story to tell. One such human interest story was an interview with the 1952 Homecoming Queen of Central High School and the current queen. The two queens compared what things have changed (such as there was no Homecoming King in 1952) and what has remained the same.

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