4-25-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Bachmann stands up for citizens in the 6th District

To the editor:

I want thank Representative Michele Bachmann for her efforts to stand up for the 6th District. We’ve not previously had a member of Congress so focused on what is going on in our state. Michele is working to improve our highways and interstates so we can get to where we need to be quickly and safely.
In addition to infrastructure, Michele has been working to make sure Minnesota’s funds are being used responsibly in our medicare arrangements with the federal government, and that we are able to care for those who need it the most.
Also, check Michele’s voting record on taxes. You will find that it is the complete opposite of the DFL party.
When it comes to tackling tough issues and getting work done, no one does it better for Minnesota than Michele Bachmann, and I’m glad she is my Representative.
I also wanted to point out that Michele attended the funeral this week in London for Margaret Thatcher. In many ways, Michele is our own “Iron Lady.”
She stands for what is right, even if it isn’t popular, and she cares very deeply about her country and her district. I’ve seen Michele take the concerns of the 6th district to the capital, and I’m glad that Carver County has been added to her charge in Washington.

Jerry Bruner

  • Intelligence Officer

    Hahahahaha! This person can’t be serious. She is, by far, the person that needs to go the most and is the prime example of what is wrong in politics. Espousing statements that are so void of facts, that fact checkers gave up. A voting record among the worst in Congress. Taking subsidies while condemning them. Ethics violations. The only thing she has done for MN is the bridge to WI, which doesn’t even effect our district and destroys wildlife habitat.

    Thanks for the laugh, it was a good workout this morning!

  • hmmmm

    I agree with the commentor. It sounds like someone needs to feel good about their campaign contribution that was wastefully spent trying to buy an Iowa straw poll. Keep heralding her as the answer to 2013 issues and continue to wastefully spend money on her. If she isn’t under indictment in 2014, she’ll have to figure out how to gracefully not seek relelction as her popularity is plummeting. Odd how her conspiracy theory of how the lefties are cooking up these charges, now are realized that they are within her own camp. Rats fleeing the sinking ship. Raise that tea party flag….and if you are really interested her voting record, go count how many votes she has actually been present for….embarrassing!!!!