ISD #110 plans capital projects for 2013-14

An impressive slate of capital improvements — including roof replacement projects at Bayview Elementary and Waconia High School — are in store for Waconia Public Schools during the 2013-14 school year. The Waconia School Board approved the proposed 2013-14 Capital Budget during its meeting on Monday, April 8.
The budget details money that is specifically set aside for capital projects. As of July 1, 2013 the reserved fund balances totaled $1.65 million. The budget’s projected revenue is $1,515,118 and expenditures are $1,439,842. It also includes projected capital equipment expenditures of $585,000, meaning the total expenditures are slightly more than $2 million. The estimated fund balance on June 30, 2014 is $1,140,276.
The expenditures include building improvements, lease levy expenses, copy and postage machine leases, and allocations for curriculum development, technology and school equipment.
In terms of the building improvements, each of the buildings will receive some work.
At Bayview, the roof by the old auto shop area on the east, west and south side of the building will be replaced and the parking lots will receive seal coating. A second floor window in the north hallway will be replaced and fence work will occur on a couple of the fields. A Toro Sweeper will also be replaced, as will one at Southview.
Also at Southview, the parking lot and playground areas will be seal coated and keyless entry will be installed on doors located on the west side of the building. A kindergarten hall doorway will also receive work.
At Clearwater, the gym will be repainted and the gymnastics carpet will be replaced.
The high school roof over the gymnastics and vocational tech areas will be replaced, as will the gymnasium curtain wall. The parking lots will be seal coated and various improvements will be made to the athletic fields.
District wide, various mechanical and electrical systems will be replaced or repaired. The high jump area at Bayview will be expanded and resurfaced. The district will also again rent bleachers for the football field.
Finance Director Todd Swanson explained that the money being spent was planned and budgeted for and that spending down the fund balance is to be expected when you’re doing a few roof projects. The high school roof project is projected to cost $475,000 and the Bayview roof work is estimated to be $100,000.
In other matters, the board approved the issuance of bonds for the Waconia School District Energy Project, which, in essence, will be funded through the energy savings that result from the projects.
In terms of the project itself, which began last fall and is expected to be completed in September 2013, Swanson reported that “work is proceeding very well and so far district staff has been very happy both with the quality and the amount of work completed to date.” Completed components of the project include the water conservation work and the installation of new window shades and window tinting for the district offices.
Also during the meeting:
• Dawson Kimyon and Seth Erickson were recognized for their success in the National Merit Scholarship program. Kimyon recently learned that he is a semifinalist, which means he will continue on in the competition. Erickson was named as a Commended Student.
• Swanson and the district finance team received the School Finance Award, which is awarded annually by the Minnesota Department of Education, Division of School Finance, to recognize schools for meeting statutory deadlines for submission of audited fiscal financial data and reporting criteria. Swanson said this is the fifth or sixth year in a row that Waconia has received this award.
• The board approved a resolution relating to the termination and nonrenewal of the teaching contracts for the following teachers: Adam Brosz, Sarah Christianson-Garceau, Angela Gebhart, Nicholas Hackman, Kim Harper, Allison Jannette, Cory Koerselman, Malinda Mayer, Sammy Nelson, Kelly Peterson, Cortney Schmidt, Donald Tangen, Ellen Wetherbee, and Angela Woo.
Superintendent Dr. Nancy Rajanen noted that the termination and nonrenewal of those teachers were for a variety of reasons but the standard of evaluation had been met for each.
• Cory Wedge, a fourth grade teacher at Bayview Elementary School, gave a brief presentation on iPad use in his classroom. Wedge feels the device has benefitted and allowed for more engagement with his students. He also reported that 21 out of his 24 students improved their math scores, in part, he believes, due to the presence of the device in the classroom. Wedge looks forward to seeing more devices in the classroom in the future.
• In terms of enrollment, the district had 3,570 students as of the end of March, which is 55 more students than the district had budgeted for. The district has about 150 more students than last year. For next year’s budget, the district is budgeting for 3,652 students, which is 82 more than this year.
• The board’s next regular meeting will be held at Waconia City Hall at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 13.

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