‘Your Lucky Day’ collection now available at Waconia Library

Everyone wants to read the newest bestseller, but books are expensive. Yet if you request that bestseller at the library, you may find lots of other people have as well and you are in a long queue for that book. The Friends of the Waconia Library are implementing an initiative so that the next time you’re in the library, “It’s Your Lucky Day.”
Starting Thursday, April 18, upon entering the library, a shelving unit beyond the reference desk and to the left will be filled with bestsellers that cannot be placed on request lists.
If you find the book you have been waiting for, it’s your lucky day because you can check it out right then. This is called the “It’s Your Lucky Day” collection and has been purchased with a monetary gift by the Friends of the Waconia Library. The Friends donated $1,500 for the first year’s start up collection and have agreed to provide $1,500 each year for the next two years to build up the collection.
In the same giving spirit, the Waconia-West Carver Rotary Club donated an additional $500 for the first year for a grand total of $2,000 for the start-up collection. The “It’s Your Lucky Day” program began last year at the Chanhassen and Chaska Libraries and was so successful that the Waconia Friends decided it was an excellent project to undertake. As Friends’ president, Bobbi Jo Pieper says, “The Friends are excited to give the community this chance to enjoy best sellers so readily and free!”
How does it work? When you enter the library and look over the “It’s Your Lucky Day” collection shelf, you can check out one of these “Lucky Day” best seller books. Because books that are part of this collection are non-request-able, they remain at the Waconia Library. They are also non-renewable.
But, once you return a “Lucky Day” bestseller, you can check out another one. To keep the books circulating to more people, checkout if limited to two weeks rather than the three weeks time limit assigned to the regular library collection. The purchase of the bestsellers is spread out over the year to enable the most popular books to be acquired for this collection all year long.
So check out the new “It’s Your Lucky Day” collection. Who knows? You may find a book you’ve been excited to read on the shelves and you’ll be able to check it out right then instead of having to wait on a request list for it. Why? Because it’s your lucky day!
For more information, contact the Waconia Library at (952) 442-4714.