Card of Thanks – Schmieg

The family of Ray Schmieg of Victoria would like to thank everyone for their flowers, food, thoughts and prayers for the death of Ray who died on April 15, 2013 at the age of 89. Thanks for all the food and the 1,000 desserts at the funeral. Thanks to John, Bobby and Dan from the Victoria House for all the great food and the kitchen staff that prepared it. Thanks to all the volunteers at St. Victoria Church who helped serve and clean up. Thank you to Father Bob White, Patty Schlader, Tom Kocka, Art Johnson and especially to Sue Orsen for the wonderful and memorable service.
Thank you to the staff at Westview Acres, Johnson Funeral Home, Carver County Sheriff’s Office, Waconia Fire Department, Ridgeview Ambulance, Father Greg of St. Bernards and Chaplain Helmar Heckel.

The Family of Ray Schmieg