Children’s dreams offer inspiration

I was reading the recaps of our local kindergartners and their hopes for the future.  One struck me as a mighty good option.  It’s a little girl who wanted to be a princess.  And how was she going to do that?  She was going to kiss a prince.  Perfect.  I can almost remember those days when all I had to do was marry a prince.
I remember when my desires were to write a famous novel and make millions.  There was no limit to what I could do.  I was never the prettiest, skinniest or most popular, but I was smart and I figured that would take me far.  But then real life happens..
Now, I am happy to be employed, to have health insurance and a job that isn’t labor intensive because as all my friends know, I pretty much suck at hard labor or any exercise.
It’s funny how our priorities change as we age.  Mainly it happens with the arrival of children.  When it stopped being about me, you start to notice so many more things.
What I am noticing about my children is the little people they are turning into.  They are no longer little babies that need me to show them what to do.  They might still need my help and advice, but they aren’t so quick to ask for it anymore.  They like to do things on their own and try things without having me show them the way.
I can clearly see when my daughter acts like I do.  But I can also see when she acts like a Lundgren! She likes to just roll with things and rarely, if ever, gets worked up about anything.   I tease my sister-in-law that she looks more like her than she could ever look like me.   And if you could see my school pictures from way back then, that’s a really good thing!
My son is a whole other character.  He is short tempered but is also starting to be more quick witted.  I can see my brother in him.  But he is also so much like my husband.  And they are each other’s best friend.  I keep joking with my husband that when he leaves, I will have to fill a big hole.  Assuming one day he will move out of our house.  Hopefully it is before any more of my doors or walls get holes in them.
I am sure all of you who have raised children know what I am talking about and have been where I am now. These are the things in life I didn’t think about when I decided to have children.  Just like when I was planning my life to be a famous novelist, stuff pops up and your life changes courses.   Who would have thought I would find it so interesting to watch these little humans become adults?  I hope they are creating their own dreams in their little heads and just maybe those dreams include kissing a prince or princess.

Jennie Lundgren is a local mother who enjoys small town life with her family in NYA.