Trinity, Waconia mourns loss of former principal

As many may know, Trinity Lutheran Church & School has a 148 year history of providing quality Christian education and Biblical teaching in Waconia.
Though many devoted people have played key roles in the foundation of the church and school, Trinity mourns the loss of former Principal and Music Director, Elmer E. Fritz who passed away on May 1. Elmer, his wife, Ella, and their young children came to Waconia in August of 1962.
He began his multi-faceted role at Trinity by serving as principal, teacher for primarily 7th & 8th grade, organist, and choir director.
He faithfully served Trinity Lutheran Church & School for 29 years with honesty and integrity.
After retiring in 1991, he continued to volunteer and serve others. He lived out his faith and his calling. Trinity is very grateful to have a man of such character and witness be part of their history.

Submitted by Trinity Lutheran Church & School