Waconia Township Dust Control

Waconia Township Dust Control
Waconia Township Dust Control
Payment deadline is May 20th 2013
The dust control will be applied in two applications, the first scheduled for late May and the second scheduled for July.
The first application, applied late May/early June, will receive a heavier spray compared to the application applied in July.  The July coating will be approximately 2/3 the strength of the first coat.
1st Application:  $38.00 per 100’ linear feet
2nd Application: $25.08 per 100’ linear feet

Send Checks to:
Waconia Township
12777 102nd Street
Cologne, MN  55322
No dust control will be applied before payment is received by May 20th
All orders must be made in 100’ increments
Residents are responsible for staking the area to be sprayed
The area to be sprayed must be clearly marked by May 21st
No guarantee is made for the lasting ability of the dust control product
Routine maintenance, including grading, will continue
Questions?  Call 952-442-4284
(Published in The Waconia Patriot May 9 and 16, 2013)