5-16-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Bachmann is a workhorse for Minnesota

 To The Editor:

Jim Graves is at it again, running around saying Michele Bachmann is a show horse, not a workhorse.

I wonder if a show horse could have ended the gridlock that was preventing a new bridge for Stillwater for 50 years? Would a show horse be able to bring together all levels of government to support infrastructure improvements for two of the most-used highways in Central Minnesota? Is it a show horse that works with St. Paul to protect Medicare dollars? And, would a show horse be sent to represent all of Congress in London at a state funeral for a former Prime Minster?

We’ve heard this before Jim, it wasn’t true last November and it’s still not true today. Michele Bachmann makes the Sixth District her top priority and her numerous meetings and events in 2013 go to show that her concerns are the families and businesses in Minnesota. Jim Graves will say whatever he can to get elected whether it is true or not. We can count on  Michele Bachmann to tell us like it is.


Carolyn Hoernemann

Norwood Young America