5-23-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Letter on Bachmann misrepresented accomplishments

 To the editor: 

As a senior, a conservative, and a subscriber to the Carver County News, I find it difficult to understand the misrepresentations in the Letters to the Editor that were printed regarding Michele Bachmann in the May 16 edition.

First, there never was a “gridlock” on the Stillwater bridge.  Both states had agreed to proceed before Michele was ever elected. The only facilitating she did was to get the Federal government to finalize the formal funding, but that had previously been committed to before the Bachmann involvement. The debate was on design and location, in neither of which did she participate.

She did not rescue Medicare dollars in St. Paul, but rather, with her Tea Party coalition, tried to totally put the Medicare entitlement out of the federal budget.

She was not ever sent to England as a representative of our government, but chose to attend, at taxpayer expense, on her own. I doubt that she ever met or knew Margaret Thatcher, who I think would have been very skeptical at best, and distanced herself from Michele Bachmann ever being associated with Margaret Thatcher’s conservative movement.

She sent out notices in the mail to her one meeting held in Watertown after her election, so that the notices arrived two days after the meeting had been held, thereby minimizing the rise of any hard questions. Currently, she is directing a campaign to change the subject of her using a stolen list for her presidential bid and the misdirected and potentially illegal use of PAC funds to pay an Iowa state senator during her very poor and distracting attempt at running for presidential office.

The Republican Party can do much better, with many potentially stronger and more accurate, trustworthy, and honest candidates. The paper should publish more factually correct letters.

Dan Dickel



Exchange students appreciate time in Watertown

 To the editor: 

We want to thank the Watertown community for giving us a warm welcome and for being so nice to us throughout our stay here in Watertown. We have all appreciated how nice and friendly you have been and how you accepted us into your community. We especially want to thank you for making our stay great. We will never forget your kindness.

YFU Exchange Students,

Olivia Cardel, Denmark

Amanda Anthonsen, Denmark

Barna Berenyi, Hungary

Hendrik Kinscheck, Germany


Local legislators show they understand Carver County

 To the editor:

With our legislature wrapping up the people’s business this week at the Capitol in St. Paul I wanted to take a moment to thank Rep. Joe Hoppe, Rep. Ernie Leidiger, Rep. Cindy Pugh and Sen. David Osmek.  These legislators have shown they understand it is us; the citizens of Carver County; for whom they have toiled since January 8th.

Rep. Hoppe is a tireless veteran of the House and a valuable leader in St. Paul. He gets the big picture. 2nd term member Rep. Leidiger is a wisdom-filled political pugilist unafraid to speak out when your pocketbook and liberties are threatened.

And new to the legislature this year Rep. Pugh and Senator Osmek have had an immediate impact in St. Paul. These two wasted no time digging in to honorably and proudly represent our interests.

Call or email these fine folks and tell them all their late nights in St. Paul are greatly appreciated by us in Carver County.

Tom Workman

Carver County Commissioner


At this point, only in-fighting can slow Democrats

 To the editor:

If you haven’t been paying attention, be forewarned that the Minnesota Legislature is increasing your daily expenses.

With one party rule, this “winner take all” attitude is spending more money and increasing a wide variety of taxes. Having spent quite a few hours watching the House and Senate, raw unabated power is on display. The taxpayer will pay dearly as increases in goods and services will trickle down to the consumer. Republicans can only push back with opposition amendments that continue to fail.

For those who are critical of gridlock in government, rejoice. You will soon see what unbridled socialism is capable of. The only limitation is how much in-fighting the Democrats engage in as they try to outspend each other! The majority party has absolutely no interest in efficient government, only expanding the ranks of full time employees. They do so while treating businesses as their revenue producing cash machine.

As of this writing, the final vote for the “daycare and personal care attendant” bill, that will allow unionization, has not been taken. However it appears that it will pass and certainly have a significant impact on Minnesota families. A gift to the unions was more important than holding down the cost of this important business service.

In the ultimate pay-back to the ill fated “marriage amendment,” the Democrats made certain they closed the loop. With the legalization of “gay marriage,” they have for the moment, appeased that special interest group. Be advised this issue is not over as other traditional family values will be pressured.

The Democrats are putting on a legislative seminar as to how governmental affairs should be conducted when you have total control. Rewarding their voters, special interest groups and unions will secure their voter base.

Democrats are not concerned with “overreach” as they believe the Republicans will do little to reverse course. The Democrats are willing to suffer future losses for present gains in moving their agenda forward.

Never again can Democrats, with a straight face, demand that Republicans engage in bipartisan legislation. After what I have witnessed, their disdain and vitriol has been nothing short of breathtaking. It will certainly continue in the 2014 session as well. In a struggling economy, historic gas prices and a Democrat party drunk with power, maybe the voter will begin to pay attention.

I submit to you that we would be better off expanding background checks to those who seek elected office than those exercising their Second Amendment rights. If not, we certainly deserve the government we get.

Joe Polunc