Royal Happenings: WM Elementary Students enjoy Track and Field Days

RH TF 2The highlight of our spring physical education classes is our track and field days. There are two different days for our students to get together and have fun with their friends for a half day. One of the days is reserved for the third, fourth and fifth graders and the other for our first and second graders.

The third, fourth and fifth graders get together in a mixed grade level team to compete in three different areas. One area a is Minute to Win It challenge in which students are challenged in areas that are just for fun and yet are challenging.

Another area is something called crazy kickball. In this area the rules change from inning to inning and stress team cooperation. The other area is of course the more traditional area of track and field.                                                     For our first and second graders the day is all about having fun with their classmates and teachers. The students remain with their teachers to compete just for the fun of it. Both of these special days couldn’t happen without special help from students in National Honor Society and our elementary student council as well as many parent volunteers.

The other important details in the spring include our spring fitness testing. During these tests we are able to see how much our student’s improved from the fall to spring. Now that spring has actually arrived we have been outside enjoying the nice weather and encouraging our students to stay active physically throughout the summer for fun and of course the benefits that activity will bring.


— By Joe Traen