St. Boni Fire Department holds community CPR training

Dave Peterson of Ridgeview Ambulance Service leads the group. (Submitted Photo)
Dave Peterson of Ridgeview Ambulance Service leads the group. (Submitted Photo)

The St. Bonifacius Fire Department conducted its first Hands-Only CPR training in April.
According to Fire Chief Shane Weber, the departmnt had a total of 23 participants who represented the communities of St Boni, Mound, Minnetrista, Mayer and Watertown. The participants registered through the new St Boni Fire web site. The students learned through a classroom setting along with hands on applications what to do during a witnessed cardiac arrest, how to assess the victim and how an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) can assist you.
Fire Captain Sara Burton, who organized the event stated, “I want people to feel comfortable in emergency situations and not be afraid to help.”
Dave Peterson from Ridgeview Ambulance Service led the training class. “This short training session could help you save a family member,” Peterson said.
Watch for future Hand-Only CPR classes in your community or wait for the next one at St. Bonifacius Fire Department in the fall.
“Very glad this class was offered and the fact that it was free made it all the much better,” said Karl Swanson.
In the class evaluations, student reflected on the top three things they remembered.
One student listed “fast hard compressions, call 911, do something for a stranger that needs help.”  Another student wrote, “call 911 and start compressions, pray, look for an AED.”