5-30-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Ortman deserves kudos for her work, as well

To the editor:

In this week’s (May 23, 2013) paper, there is a “Guest Opinion” from Tom Workman praising most of the delegation to the Minnesota legislature. It is unfortunate that Commissioner Workman left Senator Julianne Ortman out of his letter, and I want to respond to that.
Senator Ortman is our most senior elected official in St. Paul from Carver County, and has been a tireless champion for our rights and has fought against usury taxation during her tenure, and certainly this past session has been no exception to that fact.
Julianne fought for our 2nd amendment right by preventing a very bad gun bill from becoming reality. She worked to slow the DFL on their sprint to tax anything that moves (or doesn’t move). She has kept Gov. Dayton on his toes by continually pointing out the dangers of his proposed budget, the transportation tax, and its impact on Carver County business owners and residents.
She fought against the Childcare Unionization Bill, and the “Dream Act.” And, on the very last night of the session, she pointed out passionately and eloquently 15 “Fact or Fiction” components of the onerous tax bill that unfortunately was passed.
No other legislator has had the impact this year that Senator Julianne Ortman has and she deserves this credit.
I’m sure that Commissioner Workman would agree that Julianne is a great Senator and works tirelessly for the people of Carver County, and all hard working Minnesotan’s. He should join me and others in congratulating her on her fantastic work and work ethic.

Don Osmundson

Kline, Paulson enabled right-wing extremists

To the editor:

The Enablers: Congressman John Kline and Eric Paulson, supposedly Republican moderates, have abdicated their roles as representatives of their constituents to permit right-wing extremists take over.
If they had exhibited just a modest amount of leadership to recruit other moderate Republicans in congress to stand with them, they could have prevented the federal government shut down, the fiscal cliff hanging and the sequester fiasco.
Unfortunately they did nothing. They stood silent. They enabled the far right, the Michele Bachmann think-a-likes, intoxicated with their unchecked power, to demean our great nation.
Minnesota is accustomed to better. Minnesota deserves better.

John Varone