WMMS students enjoy Math, Science and Technology Day


On May 3, our middle school students were treated to a truly unique day of education.

In an effort to show the students some of the exciting careers that are available to them, we invited 26 individuals from our community into our middle school for the day.

Some of the experiences the students were introduced to included: a veterinarian, a nurse, an engineer, an excavator, a seed geneticist, a financer, an optometrist and a computer programmer, just to name a few.

Our mission in the middle school is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that challenges and encourages all students to reach their full potential and experience success. We accept the responsibility to create an integrated educational program that promotes collaboration, exploration and positive relationships. It is our belief that education is a shared responsibility among students, family, school personnel and the community. By providing a day such as this our job of making this mission a reality is made possible.

To start the day, our students were wowed by the Science Museum and their presentations on electricity and solids, liquids and gases. After those programs concluded, the students broke into small multi-grade groups and were able to visit four of the sixteen volunteer presenters mentioned above. It was a real thrill to see the students get so excited about the knowledge, professionalism and passion our presenters showed for the careers they’ve made.

We had a wide variety of professionals here, and every one of the presenters was some student’s favorite presentation. There were many very popular presentations, but the experiences that our students seemed to enjoy the most were from our 3D printer and Viking Stadium proposal presentations.

In the middle of our day, the students were treated to a presentation given by the Raptor Center. Our students were able to witness in-person a great horned owl, kestrel, red-tailed hawk and everyone’s favorite a bald eagle. To have two hundred students sitting in the gym, dead quiet, listening, learning and experiencing these spectacular animals was pretty amazing.

During our afternoon sessions, the students were amazed by the all-around interesting science presentation given by Jerry Wenzel.  He was a cross between a magician and a scientist. He showed our students the powers and scientific secrets of many everyday house hold items.

To end our Math, Science and Technology Day, the University of Minnesota’s Chemistry department came to our middle school gym to show our students some of the cool things that chemists can do with some pretty simple solutions and mixtures.

Overall this was a wonderful day. It could not have happened without many wonderfully talented and generous individuals in our community. It isn’t much of a wonder how our students end up being such great people. We have families, educators, and a community who make sure our students are the best they can be.


— Ryan Jepma