NYA Music in the Park will kick off on June 6

The Norwood Young America Music in the Park series will begin Thursday, June 6, with Sherwin Linton, co-sponsored by the Apple Agency.
Other bands scheduled throughout the summer include:
• June 13 – Blue Ox Jazz Babies co-sponsored by the NYA Chamber
• June 20 – Gloryland Gospel Band co-sponsored by The Harbor and NYA Senior Advisory Board
• June 27 – Czech Area Concertina co-sponsored by Church of Peace
• July 11 – Mary Guentzel Quintet co-sponsored by Paul McBride Funeral Chapel
• July 18 – Jolly Ramblers co-sponsored by NYA Lions and West Carver Lions
• July 25 – The All Stars co-sponsored by Schmidt Chiropractic
• Aug. 1 – Dahlmann Brothers co-sponsored by Unhinged Pizza!
All events are free of charge and held at NYA Legion Memorial Park at 6:30 p.m.
The activities have all been organized by District 108 Community Education. For more information, call 952-467-7390.
Since 1956, Sherwin Linton rocked and rolled great audiences.
Sherwin is still singing the songs of Elvis, Marty Robbins, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash with the same vitality that made them classics.
He also performs many of his own hits and originals plus a great variety of traditional country, folk, gospel and Cowboy songs.
Sherwin’s talents have been recognized by special articles and reviews in such far reaching sources as The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and NBC Nightly News.
An infectious smile, a charming personality and sincerity have won him a loyal legion of friends and fans all over the United States and abroad.
Sherwin often plays over 250 dates a year and among his many unique accomplishments is a perfect attendance record. He has never missed a scheduled performance in 45 years.
Sherwin’s show is complimented by his lovely and talented wife and vocalist, Pam Linton, and his great band, “The Cotton Kings.”
For more information, visit www.sherwinlinton.com.