6-6-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Bachmann wasn’t afraid of Graves

 To the editor:

When Michelle Bachmann (R) announced she was not running for reelection in the 6th district, the response from Jim Graves (D) who announced shortly after that he was dropping out, was “Mission Accomplished”.

Really? That was your number one goal, was to not let Michelle Bachmann have another term? That sounds pretty childish and shallow if you ask me.

I thought our goal was to elect the best candidate for the position. Someone who would have the best interest of the voters and the public in mind, not to try keep someone else from holding that position. There are cynical voters who would say Michelle Bachmann not running foe reelection is the best thing for the 6th district. So be it, they are entitled to their opinion.

I really don’t think Michelle Bachmann was afraid of Jim Graves.

Scott Koehnen



Parents urge school board to keep high school diving

 To the editor:

 Next Monday, the Watertown-Mayer School Board will decide on whether or not to keep Diving as part of our Swimming & Diving Program. Initially, the recommendation to eliminate diving was based on financial and logistical concerns. A number of alternatives and possible solutions have been offered during this process, such as fundraising, raising the activity fee for diving, and having the kids responsible for their own transportation like several other sports. We hope the Board considers these options and makes the right decision to keep diving!

The cost of diving for the 2012-2013 school year was $3,000. Due to the co-ops with Delano and Waconia, our athletic budget covered approximately $2,000 of the total cost this year. The overall W-M Athletic Budget expenses exceed $535,000. Diving is approximately .373% of that.

Diving is one of 12 events that amount to the total team score in a meet.  If we do not compete, the other swim and dive team automatically gets the entire 13 points for diving, as we essentially forfeit that event.  This loss of 13 points will negatively impact our ability to compete with other teams in dual meets and invitational’s. If you can imagine competing in Basketball or Wrestling, and starting at a deficit every competition, you quickly realize, eliminating diving hurts your team dramatically. Historically, W-M has had strong, competitive swim and dive teams.  These teams have qualified boy’s divers for State several years in a row. The future is bright for our program, as both Watertown and Delano have developed significant participation in their swim clubs, which will produce many new swimmers and divers in the coming years.

We suggest the following: As a cost savings the Boys Diving program could partner with Orono, as mentioned at the last Board Meeting. The Girls Divers partnered with Waconia last year and that did result in a cost savings in coaching expenses;  Allow parents to assist with the logistical concerns, and volunteer coaching during meets as necessary;  Increase the fees related to diving, similar to other sports when the costs for the sport warrants it.

The parents, swimmers and divers are all willing to do their part so that the TEAM can continue it’s strong tradition into the future.

As parents of a swimmer and a prospective diver, we support keeping diving as part of our program.  We are asking the School Board to vote in support of our diving program, it is the right choice for Watertown athletics.

Stacy and Lee Unowsky