6-6-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Newspaper coverage of Memorial Day disappoints

To the editor:

Where has all the patriotism gone?
I want not to be rude, but you should be ashamed. I am sending this same letter to the only two newspapers I subscribe to, the Chanhassen Villager and The Waconia Patriot. Your complete lack of coverage for Memorial Day is shocking. It is but one day a year, where we should be honoring those fine and brave men and women who serve to protect, not only our borders, but our way of life. Our ability to have a free press.
Yet, the cover of the Chanhassen Villager is a free advertisement for the U of M. Then on the cover of The Waconia Patriot are boy scouts. For the Villager, you honor our brave soldiers with two photos, you have more pictures of Goldy Gopher. Then for the Patriot, you honor our brave soldiers with one picture … one! The photo of the kids playing their musical instruments is larger.
Whoever made the decision to have such a lack of coverage of a day that is meant to honor our soldiers, specifically those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, one that most of us can’t even fathom, should be ashamed. But it is over a decade since 9-11 so I guess as Americans we will just bury our heads in the sand, yet again, and not really honor those that really deserve it, because a statue of a Gopher and picture of a marsh really don’t!

Stephen Glaser

Sites is a treasure for chamber, community

To the editor:

Congratulations to Kellie Sites, president of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce, heading to the University of Wisconsin to finish her fourth year of Institute of Organizational Management. Thank you, Kellie, for all you do for our chamber. I’m so proud of you and your leadership. You are a gift to the community. Keep up the excellent work.

Donna Frantz