6-13-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Is current administration purposefully failing us?

 To the editor:

“Government at best is a necessary evil, at its worst, an intolerable one.”

These words by Thomas Paine ring true today as they did in the late 1700s.

I hope Americans of all political persuasions are becomingly increasingly outraged over this administrations apparent willingness to run roughshod over the Bill of Rights. I am speaking of actions taken against the Associated Press, James Rosen of FOX News, individual citizens, certain businesses and conservative political action groups. Clearly the raw power of the federal government has been unleashed to harass and intimidate those who politically oppose the administration. This is a far cry from the robust debate we should have over policy matters.

Now that a number of hearings are underway, we are learning about the arrogance of power. There can be no denying that agencies such as the EPA, the IRS and the DOJ have engaged in a political witch hunt.

The role of the IRS in delaying tax exempt C4 status really exemplifies this president’s willingness to abuse power. Singling out conservative groups, they were subject to the most ridiculous and illegal requests inorder to intimidate them and delay their status requests. Sen. Al Franken has some explaining to do as he signed a letter telling the IRS to scrutinize these conservative applications. These tactics to over 500 groups, were not the actions of rogue employees but sanctioned and purposeful actions by this administration.

Additionally, we have seen high ranking members of this administration unwilling to hand over documents in the deadly Benghazi incident and the gun running actions of “Fast & Furious.” We now know that some key members of this administration have used secret email accounts inorder to communicate in defiance of the Freedom of Information Act. The former EPA Director, Lisa Jackson, even used a male pseudonym.

The most recent revelation over the National Security Act, as it relates to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act came from at least one whistleblower. As a part of President Bush’s Patriot Act, it appears that the Obama administration has altered the intent, scope and spirit of the Act. What we need to identify is where does the intel on the “war on terror” end and this president’s “war on his political opposition” begin?  I believe there is a need to gather communication data but there also is a crisis of credibility emanating from the White House. As we now have learned, data from our cell phones and the entirety of our computer activities are being recorded. In fact, the government has already collected the contents of this letter before I hit the “send” button. With the pressure mounting, the President said last Friday that it is time for a national debate. Really? How noble of him!

The Obama administration likes to call itself “the most open and transparent” in the history of the country. I suggest this government, entrusted with safeguarding our freedom, is purposely failing us. Thomas Paine was right.

Joe Polunc



Federal government is out to control its citizens

To the editor:

A N.Y. Times editorial says “This Administration has lost all credibility” and Rush Limbaugh warns that we’re watching a coup d’etat. Chris Wallace asks “Are we getting closer to Big Brother?” I’m sad to say that these voices are right on target — the Federal Government craves control over all of us, and is no longer the benign guarantor of liberty that it once was.

Just consider:

• We know we’ve been lied to repeatedly by the IRS, FBI, and the State Department (IRS bullying, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and more recently the collection of phone records of the Fox news reporter, etc.)

• We know that while the current Federal administration is quite unfriendly to mid-level and small business, it’s bonding with some of the very largest companies in the country including GE, Goldman Sachs, etc. Very large and wealthy companies that store an enormous amount of data on Americans can make their peace with the Fed and help it control us. (GE incidentally pays little in Fed taxes, but benefits greatly from Obama’s renewable energy priorities. GE’s Chairman, Jeff Imelt, is Barrack Obama’s Jobs Czar!)

• Now we learn of an enormous Federal data storage structure in Utah that is designed to store everything that is happening everywhere digitally — literally.

• We’ve also learned that the government has been collecting so many phone records that even Democrats are alarmed. Remember the affair General David Petraeus had which resulted in the end of his brilliant service to our nation? It’s entirely plausible that because he refused to tell the lies that Susan Rice infamously repeated on all those talk shows after Benghazi, someone reviewed his phone records, found his connection to his mistress, and exposed him to disable him — the timing correlates!

Connecting all the dots — given Barrack Obama’s big government anti-Bill of Rights philosophy and bureaucratic assault on our freedoms, use of Government agencies to win elections and otherwise control us, the undeniable cronyism some companies and institutions in this country benefit from, and now a capacity to store everything that occurs digitally for the next 100 years — I see an obvious and severe threat to our freedoms.

Unless we eliminate the IRS in favor of a flat or fair tax and severely clip the wings of the FBI, Homeland Security, and other Fed agencies, our freedoms may be lost forever to a self-serving federal government hell bent on controlling all of us!

Vince Beaudette