Bid Request: City of St. Bonifacius

Bid Request

City of St. Bonifacius

The City of St. Bonifacius will be accepting sealed bids from general contractors for the remodeling of an approximately 2377 sq ft. building for  purposes of a community room and a 596 sq ft. building addition entrance/ toilet room. Building is located at 8535 Kennedy Memorial Drive adjacent to the City Office.

Plans are available at the City Office for a non refundable fee of $50.00. Bids are due at the city office by July 12, at 12:00pm.  The City Council will review the bid tabulation at their 7/17/2013 meeting, at which time, they may award the bid.

The City reserves the right to waive irregularities, to reject any and all bids and to hold all bids for a period of 10 days after the fixed date for the opening thereof. The lump sum bid must be guaranteed for 120 days. No bids will be considered unless they are sealed and accompanied by a bid bond, cash, a cashiers check, or certified check payable to the city in the amount of 5% of the bid.

Prior to signing the contract, the city requires the successful bidder to secure and post a labor and materials bond and performance bond, each in the amount of 100% of the contract sum. Such bonds shall be issued by surety acceptable by the city. Costs of such bonds shall be added to the agreed contract sum. Liability insurance/certificate of insurance workman’s comp insurance and state form IC134 will also be required.

For more information, call Martin Woody at 612-382-2423 or Rick Logelin at 952-446-1061.

(Published in The Waconia Patriot June 13 and 20, 2013 and The League of Minnesota Cities)