Heroin dealer sentenced to 50 months in prison

Carver County Attorney Mark Metz announced that Michael John Cain, 20, of Chaska, was sentenced by the Honorable Michael Baxter, judge of district court, to 50 months in prison on May 17, 2013, after a plea of guilty to the felony charge of controlled substance in the second degree.

This case originally arose after Chaska Police received information from an informant that Cain had been purchasing quantities of Mexican “black tar” heroin from a source in Minneapolis. Cain then resold this heroin in the Chaska area for profit. The informant stated that Cain kept the heroin and cash profits in a black Jansport backpack.

Acting swiftly on this information, Chaska police conducted a detailed investigation including direct undercover surveillance of Cain conducting a drug transaction in the parking lot of the Petco store on Pioneer Trail in Chaska. A search warrant was authorized by the court within 24 ours and executed on the Cain’s residence. In part, a black Jansport backpack was seized that contained 14 grams of black tar heroin and $9,960 in cash. In addition to the 50-month prison sentence, the $9,960 was forfeited to the state.

Due to the serious nature of this case, Metz prosecuted the case on behalf of Carver County.

Metz complimented the Chaska Police Department for its prompt, incisive and thorough investigation which led to the speedy arrest and removing Cain quickly from the streets. Metz added that this heroin prosecution was a top priority for the office, particularly since heroin is highly addictive and younger, inexperienced users are prone to death by accidental overdose.

Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight commented that Chaska, like other suburbs in the Twin Cities area, is not immune from the lure of heroin as some younger users may erroneously consider heroin “chic or hip” and no more harmful than marijuana or alcohol.

Knight noted that even without accidental overdose, heroin users face immediate risks of extreme physical and psychological dependence as well as higher risks of pneumonia, malnutrition and damage to the heart, brain and kidneys. Not surprisingly, intravenous users face highly increased odds of contracting HIV and hepatitis.

“Despite his young age of 20, Mr. Cain was a significant heroin dealer in Carver County,” Metz said. “This prison sentence should serve as a deterrent that drug dealing will not be tolerated in our community and there will be significant consequences for those who deal drugs.”