Kane Ramstad is library’s June artist

KaneRamstadArtCMYKThe June art exhibit at the Waconia Library features paintings by Anne Kane Ramstad, a Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Alumni who has been painting and showing work for 30 years.

“I play with perspective and have a fascination with social dynamics, my work is akin with the abstract expressionist and the poetic view of the West Coast artists,” Kane Ramstad said. “I am interested in art history and love to read up on and research other artists.”

Kane Ramstad loved to draw and paint as a child.

“In my 20s I joined a co-op in the Lakeville community that was led by Hermaine Megnus who was educated as a painter in New York post WWII – abstract work and abstract expressionism was the buzz … it was opportune to meet her and paint with her and be a part of the Lakeville Artist Guild,” she said. “This experience encouraged me to take continuing education courses at MCAD. Most of my time at MCAD I painted independently and was a teaching assistant for three of the professors.”

Kane Ramstad is inspired and fascinated by just about everything when she takes the time to be present and open.

“Painting is about communication and facing myself, my feelings, my perfect imperfectness,” she said. “My process is about being transparent about mistakes as well as successes about making choices and just letting things happen. My intent is to engage in conversation.”

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the Waconia Library, contact Laurel Bradshaw at (952) 442-4714 or email at lbradshaw@co.carver.mn.us.