Rails to Trails to include fireworks

For the first time in many years, fireworks will be a part of Watertown’s annual Rails To Trails celebration.

The display will be held on the second night of the festival, on Saturday, July 20. The fireworks will be launched from the south end of Lewis Avenue at around 9:30 or 10 p.m., after the live music and street dance wrap up downtown.

“We’re just looking for more entertainment for everybody in general,” said Watertown Lions Club member Mike Crom, who organized the fireworks display. “Usually the Rails to Trails has been geared to families, so we’re looking for a little more entertainment for the entire town.”

The expectation is that the fireworks will rise to a height of about 100 to 150 feet above the height of the Watertown water tower. That way, organizers hope the fireworks will be visible from a large area of the city.

“We’re figuring at least 50 percent of Watertown residents will be able to sit in their yards and watch,” Crom said. “People in the developments that don’t have a lot of high trees around them will be able to see. Only the areas that are a little restrained with higher trees might not be able to see them.”

For those without a good view from their home, or for others who might be coming from outside the city, Crom said Lewis Avenue would be the best place to catch the show. The street should already be crowded with people attending that night’s street dance, and Crom said the entire focus on this year’s festival is on bringing people downtown.

“Lewis Avenue will be the best place,” Crom said. “The focus of Rails to Trails this year is on Lewis Avenue, so we’re trying to keep the entertainment and the crowd down there at end of the night.”

The fireworks display will be put on by a company called Precocious Pyrotechnics out of Belgrade. Crom said they manufacture their own fireworks and do over 100 shows a year.

“They came and looked at the site and felt they could put on a pretty good show,” Crom said.


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