Group continues cause against alleged judicial corruption

By Greta Sowles

In 1776, the United States declared its independence from Great Britain, saying in part, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” But is Carver County really ensuring these “unalienable rights”? A growing cause in Carver County would suggest not.
Lea Dannewitz created a website called Carver County Corruption in July 2011, on which is included court documents and other information from court cases in Carver County. The site incorporates information from Dannewitz’s own divorce/child custody case with Jeremy Banken, from which Banken gained custody of the couple’s three children.
Over the past two years, the site has continued to grow to include more cases of alleged corruption of the Carver County court system. What was once a blogging website has become a growing cause led by many upset individuals.
Supporters of the cause have recently become more proactive, picketing at the Dakota County courthouse and more recently at the Carver County courthouse on June 25. They have also met with local legislators and have bought space on the electronic billboard on Highway 7 in St. Bonifacius.
Bonnie Roy first got involved with the court system about six years ago, when she went through a divorce case. During this time she began exploring the Carver County Corruption website and got in touch with Dannewitz. Roy was present at one of Dannewitz’s court hearings, and after witnessing first-hand what she felt was mistreatment in the courts, she became much more involved.
“The more I started watching the process, the more I kept thinking there’s something not right here,” said Roy.
The growth started when Roy and Dannewitz would hear more cases and encouraged others to share their stories on the blog. “We can’t just sit back and be okay with what is happening here,” said Roy.
Within 3-6 months of meeting Dannewitz, Roy and others went to the state capitol and met with over 40 legislators. They gave the legislators a brief court history and explained their concerns, but according to Roy, the group’s complaints were basically rejected.
“All of our complaints basically got rejected, stating that there was nothing that [the legislators] could do outside of their power to correct a judge’s ruling, even if it was an illegal mistake,” said Roy.
Additionally, supporters of Carver County Corruption were interviewed in front of the Carver County courthouse for Bill Windsor’s Lawless America, a documentary film about judicial and government corruption in America.
Carver County Corruption’s first picketing event was around two weeks ago at the Dakota County courthouse. The event was in response to a ruling of a case involving a woman who lost custody of her children months after her divorce was finalized.
On June 25, supporters of Carver County Corruption brought the picketing to the Carver County courthouse.
“I guess we were trying to bring more awareness to people and let the court system know that what they are doing is wrong,” said Roy.
Although Roy believes that corruption is happening in other counties, Carver County is the main focus because that is where most of the supporters live.
Minnesota State Representative Ernie Leidiger attended the picketing event to hear the group’s concerns, as he is the state representative for many of those in attendance. As a state representative, Leidiger has occasionally met with supporters of Carver County Corruption during the past few years. Leidiger has even attended a few case hearings, and Roy indicated that his presence at the picketing event was appreciated.
In terms of legislation, the group is focusing on a few issues: legislative oversight of judges, judge gratuities and high court costs.
According to Roy, the Board of Judicial Standards is supposed to be keeping the judges accountable for their actions but is not doing anything to rein the judges in.
“Technically speaking, the state legislators can take action and have the power to reign in these judges and have accountability,” said Roy. “And that is probably our goal, to get it back to the state legislators and say yes you do have the power to change it.”
Roy also added that according to the Judicial Board of Conducting, judges can accept gratuities, which was shocking to her. Carver County Corruption is promoting judge elections.
“A lot of these judges are appointed by the governor and when they step into the position it ends up being an abuse of power and again there is no accountability for their actions,” said Roy.
As of now, judicial reforms are being considered regarding judge gratuities and the code of ethics, performance standards for judges, or judge accountability, and legislative oversight of judges.
Carver County Corruption is working with the Tea Party in Chanhassen to promote the WATCH program, which allows volunteers to be trained to attend court hearings and take notes, which according to Roy, often makes the judge uneasy. According to, the WATCH program exists to bring a public eye to justice in the court system.
“It can bring more awareness, and the citizens can actually be a part of that as well,” said Roy. “It’s a little bit time consuming, but people can be proactive that way too.”
The main purpose of group’s use of the billboard on Highway 7 is to bring more exposure to the corruption. While the group’s first billboard photo included only five people, the next photo will include almost 60.
“Once we get some of the donations that are coming in and people willing to support our cause, we are hoping to get the billboards statewide if we can,” said Roy.
Carver County Corruption is working on becoming a 501(C)(4) or a 501(C)(5) organization so that supporters can directly donate to the cause. “I would say we are going to join forces together to bring awareness, and then to hopefully stop some of the corruption that is going on in the county,” she said.
To learn more about Carver County Corruption, visit its website at

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  • BA Eckstein

    Cheers to the Sun Patriot for being one of the first media outlets to feature this corruption! It will definitely take a village to heal the lives of the children and families that the Carver County judges have tormented for years. Getting the information to the public is just one step towards such reform. It takes courage to stand up – kudos!

  • Judicial Reform

    The problem is the lack of judicial oversight combined with judge-made laws that result in a judicial system in which judges have no incentive or motivation to learn the skills of their trade (the laws, and in cases such as family law cases, mental health so they can identifying all health issues understand domestic violence and make appropriate decisions to keep victims of domestic violence (physical and/or emotional) and able to build a protected, nurturing environment for their children. The issue is that there is no judicial accountability so judges are free to be ignorant and not study the laws, and free not to either themselves become mental health experts or free to ignore their advisors (eg skilled mental health experts who are brought in to educate them about cases). No accountability means that they are appointed to their position and keep it for a minimum of 6 years until the next election, in which they almost always run unopposed (or get to place the work ‘incumbent’ by their name on the ballot). They cannot be fired during their term! No accountability means that the judges have made a law that–unlike any other profession on the planet–they canno be sued even if they KNOWINGLY or NEGLIGENTLY misuse their power and harm a customer (court room litigant). And this despite the fact that judges have more power than any profession on the planet–with one swoop of the gavel, they can turn your life upside down, for no reason just because they feel like it. And they have done so. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know the laws — why should they bother to learn them when they can spend their time drinking coffee or playing tennis — they aren’t going to get fired or sued. Sometimes it’s because they are biased. And sometimes it’s because they are paid off (research Blakely). And, the Judicial Board is a joke. They have such a limited scope of review its worthless, if you complain about a judge the Board immediately infos the judge (putting you at further risk in their courtroom), you cannot participate in the investigation–it is done behind closed doors (which means the dishonest judge can just keep lying and making up facts so he can be found innocent and the only party with knowledge – the complainant – cant counter with facts to show the truth). This is so absurd! In our courtrooms both parties must be present to beat insure integrity, but judges get to exclude the ‘petitioner’ to beat insure they can get away with their dishonest, or corrupt, or bad behavior. AND what’s worse even of the board were to find a judge violated the rules, they have no power to punish!! It goes back to the judge’s crony judiciary, who protect each other. Again, look up Blakely–he took a 65k bribe, the board found him guilty and suggested he step down. He refused so his fellow judges let him keep the bribe and suggested he take a six month PAID leave of absence: for breaking the law he got paid double his salary and got to go on a six month vacation to boot! What judge wouldn’t break the law??!! THE LEGISLATURE MUST TAKE JUDICIAL REFORM SERIOUSLY. Those that don’t should be booted out of office

  • http://TheSunPatriot Anonymous for fear of retaliation

    A little one sided reporting isn’t it? In how many divorces and custody cases do both parties leave happy anyway? I’d bet the majority are not amicable, especially when there are children involved. Is it fair that these people can make all kinds of claims against people who are not able to defend themselves by law? Oh and then claim that the law isn’t being upheld? Who are the real victims in the bullying these women and men are perpetrating??

    • kyli

      Anonymous, you must be a lawyer or a judge, silently following this blog. Most of us are passionate mothers that can relate and it hits home for us. Unless you are going through it yourself, you can’t quite grasp the anger that we feel for each other. There is nothing stronger in this life, than the love between a mother and her children. If you are in demial of the fact that money plays a part in family law cases, then you haven’t personally been involved in one of these corrupt cases. It may seem one-sided from the outside, but imagine the other side is corruption in the worst way. For too long it has been one-sided, but on the end of the corruption. It’s about time that something is being done to expose what is really going on in these very enclosed and private court rooms. When children get killed, someone has to pay. Well, these judges and other individuals are killing these children. There is absolutely no harm in all children being with their mothers. “No Contact” means that someone is fearfull that the mother’s love is too strong to fight and impossible to corrupt. My parents died when I was very young, and I still yearn for my mother. That will always be undeniable. The best case scenario, is that the children live with their mothers, and have visitation with their fathers as often as possible. The bottom line is, that if a father has money, wants to hurt the mother of his children, and does not want to pay child support, he will do whatever it takes to keep his innocent children away from their mother. What type of human could do that? When we are done with this life, they will ultimately have to answer to the highest judge. Until that day comes, I hope that Karma will get them. Jeremy Banken must go to different type of church (one that is based on money), with a different form of God.

    • Statistics

      Actually, most divorces do not end up in court but are settled between the parties and the few that do generally involve one high conflcit (personality-disordered) party. It’s not about the kids; the kids are just a very useful tool for that personality-disordered party to perpetuate conflict. They can and most often do manipulate courts and others to believe it is about custody/the kids and its easy to do because of the folk lore that both parents are equally-good parents, equally-involved, parents care about their kids, kids always need both parents etc. I urge you to educate yourself. For example, take a look at Billy Eddy’s materials (you can find some in the web). Divorces generally only get ugly when one parent has mental health issues — the courts can get this under control. Generally those with such personality disorders that drive conflict are in fact very fearful people–if the Courts just once clamped down on them — made them pay the other party’s legal fees and costs, held them accountable for contempt etc they would likely stop their abuse of the system to keep up the abuse of ther ex-spouse. For whatever reason the courts, carver especially from all the reports, is failing miserably and instead is complicit in perpetuating the abuse. Maybe it’s corruption, but it’s lack of training, and its certainly having peolle with the wrong skill set making the decisons (judges bersus mental health professionals), and its absolutely lack of accountability — judges have no incentive to ‘get it right’ because there are no ramifications to them if they get it wrong. They are free to act out their child hood or adult issues on the bench and take it out on others, they are free to be corrupt — in fact they are legally allowed to accept monetary gifts under the table — in the worst case scenarios. But in the best case scenario they are free to remain uneducated, untrained, and make decisions they are not competent to make because they cannot be held accountable. In any system wherein you allow a professional to do a job without having accountability you cannot expect good results. What if surgeons could operate without having any accountability — how many would invest the time and hours and money needed to insure they were skilled versus charging lots of money and going home at 5 to spend their free time however they want?? The problems are obvious, it simply requires — apparently — some bold/brave people to take a stand : legislators to fix the laws and require accountabiltiy (remove the JUDGE-MADE laws permitting under the table gifts, remove the JUDGE-MADE laws that judges can’t be sued, create an extra-judicial body with wide-ranging authority to review and punish judges); and judges, especially chief judges to require that judges in their system follow the rules, operate with integrity, have the proper training (know the laws and in areas they don’t have and can’t have the proper training such asenstl health/personality disorders/ abuse/ domestic violence, listen to the experts rather than substitute their own naive judgement.

    • Angie

      Actually, only less than 5% of divorces are “high conflict”. There was amazing judges, attorneys, GAL’s etc, but I am sorry, there are not so good ones; either incompetent, bias or otherwise. There are simply not appropriate checks and balances for judges to address judicial misconduct and families and children suffer greatly because of it. One sided? This is several peoples stories….this happens.

  • Lori Musolf

    There will be another protest on Monday, July 15th for anyone that wants to join in Carver County again at 7:45am. I want to thank the Sun Patriot for helping to make the public aware of this corruption and the waste of tax payers dollars. Carver County Social Services spends millions each year destroying families.

  • Sickened

    To the commenter above, these mothers have not seen their kids in years. Not even allowed phone contact. They’d have more rights to their kids as inmates in federal prison. These judges in Carver County are running their own businesses in the courtroom. Taking financial gain to help abusive spouses further abuse their victims by removing their children from them. That is undeniable at this point.
    Bravo to the Waconia Patriot for this article. The corruption in Carver County goes further than custody. Exposure is what’s needed.

  • Lori Musolf

    Anonymous, the victims of Carver County are the children that have had their lives destroyed and have been ripped from the loving arms of their parents. Some of these children haven’t been in contact with their mothers &/or fathers for years! I am talking about good, hardworking, loving and kind parents with no criminal records, no valid reasons for the courts to do this. The bullying of these families needs to stop now! These children will grow up, they will realize what our judicial system has done to them and hopefully they will join the fight against judicial misconduct and corrupt social services agencies. Until then, these parents and their advocates will fight for change. Complaints have been filed against 3 child protection workers in Carver County and a full investigation is currently underway by the MN Attorney General’s office. Once the investigation is complete and the Board of Social Work makes a decison on the licenses, I will ask the admin of the carvercountycorruption blog to post the outcome. Data Practices violations and unethical behaviors are a huge part of this investigation, I know personally as I am one of the several people that filed the documents of evidence. As an advocate, I am shocked at the behaviors of Carver County employess and the Judges that sit on the benches. Our tax dollars are being wasted and our families are being destroyed and this behavior needs to stop! We are raising our next generation of children to believe that this is what happens in our government. When will it stop? When the right people decided that enough it enough and we the people need to stand up against government corruption and do whatever it takes to expose it for what it is! Exposing government corruption is the only way to get a handle on it. Many states have been exposing these same scenarios and the horrors families have had to live through. Lawsuits are being filed and people are opening their eyes! It’s time for the taxpayers to realize where some of their dollars are being spent, they are being spent in the destruction of families! It takes courage to stand up to people with power, but it also takes courage to fight against corruption! Which side do you want to be on? Corruption or the Right Side? Come visit us Monday morning in front of the Carver County Courthouse, I would be happy to answer any questions for you.

  • Tammi

    Until anyone sees first hand how corrupt the system is, they will never know how bad it really is. Parents are having their children taken away from them and allowed NO contact with their own children! The power these “judges” have is NOT right. They do not follow the laws!

    • Angie

      Absolutely! It is unbelievable to those who have not witnessed or experienced up close and personal!

  • Judicial Reform

    In response to ‘Fear of Retaliation’: these are not idle allegations. A review of the court papers reveals repeated disregard of the law–judges who either haven’t learned the rules or who don’t care about them doing what ever they want. A visit to certain of the judge’s courtrooms can also illustrate the problem, wherein again they don’t follow rules, sometimes always asking the lawyers what the rules are. Indeed there are many many more cases than discussed on the carver county corruption blog, and many many more who would show up to picket but they don’t because they truly have to ‘fear retaliation’ — by judges who issue orders and will lash out (and have lashed out) with their powers against them. And if you honestly don’t believe that judges are human and can misuse their powers — either knowingly out of bias or abuse of power (absolute power corrupts absolutely) or ignorantly because they don’t invest the time to learn the tools of their profession (why should they? No performance reviews, guaranteed job security, no accountability) just google Judge Blakely and also a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court episode where on justice choked another and couldn’t be held accountable under their system.

  • Anonymous also

    I will remain anonymous also because Carver County Corruption doesn’t tell the whole story, they only tell their story. I have read the blog, and if the judge told me to take down the blog or I couldn’t see my kids, I would take down the blog. What most people don’t realize is that certain things remain confidential when children are involved. I wouldn’t believe anything unless you have seen it first hand. What I mean by that…have the mother sign a form stating that you can access all of her records. I bet they will not do it because they are only showing you what they want to see. I was a very close friend of one of the mothers for many years and to be quite honest the children are better off with their father. So many men are allowed visitation and pay child support, I also read on the blog that one of the woman was complaining that she had to pay child support. Really? Because you are a woman you don’t have to pay?

    • kyli

      these proactive actions are not intended for individual cases. There is a definate need to make aware of what is GENERALLY going on: Money is supporting all corruption, there is no review board whatching these corrupt individuals, judges are breaking laws (when citizens break the laws, there are reprocussions), and mothers are not allowed to have contact with the very children that she brought to life. Those are FACTS, and are all very wrong. It’s very simple. This blog is not Lea’s. It is for her supporters. If you go to the home page, Lea’s story is only a part of many stories. There is also a law of, “freedom of speech”. I didn’t know that I live in a country where we are not allowed to speak and tell our stories. I bet you that if you google, “mother/father tormented by their children being harmed/hurt/beaten/raped/killed”, it would endless. Can you imagine if all of them had to take down their blog? They would lose their way of support and survival. Who cares if Lea and all those other mothers and fathers use a virtual support system to help them get through each day when their hearts are ripped apart, and have lost all hope because we allow this corruption to continue. It’s about time that we rally around these innocent mothers, fathers, and most importantly, the children, so they can feel heard, loved, and not alone. You tell me the harm in that idea?

    • Sickened

      Anonymous, court files are public record. You don’t need anyone to sign for records. Since when do children not need both their parents? You were certainly no friend to anyone making statements like that, have no care for the children involved. Sad to see.

      • RE: Sickened

        Some court docs are public, others are not .. get it right! Now, if everyone had 100% access to sensitive court files, would a comment log such as this be happening? NO! The truth to both sides of the story would be revealed if ALL court records were accessible, and all this lovely finger pointing non-sense would greatly diminish.

    • Blue bayou

      Anonymous, your comment is strange. It appears you don’t read the blog you refer to. The mothers in this blog were all left in the divorce without money, property, means to live, assets, nothing… Along with losing sole and legal custody of their children, with either no visitation or in reachable stipulations on seeing their children. All cases involve a wealthy spouse gaining 100% everything, and the other 0%. Are you not aware of that? If you are informed that’s not the case by the wealthy spouse who gained it all, you are being led down a thick road of lies. You are making uninformed comments. You should take the time and read about the case you refer to.

      • Anonymous also

        I have read about the cases on the blog and it is the same thing just a different twist to each story. Nasty custody battle…one side doesn’t win…automatically the judge is corrupt…appeal…loss of appeal means the appellate court is corrupt…now I see in another post that the Attorney General is involved. If he comes back and dismisses and says that there is no corruption, will that make him corrupt also?

        • Sickened

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re desire to be right to justify your malice treatment of your ‘friend’ is clouding your vision. Your complete disregard for the children involved is sad, but not surprising.

    • Bonnie

      Revealing the entire story can be condensed. In many of the corrupt cases, there are patterns. Mothers were full time care taker of children. Removed from their home, children taken from them. Court procedures/lots of passing of money/lives devistated all because of a corrupt system. NO due process, meaning- if false allegations were made, NOTHING was proven, witnesses to abuse were NOT allowed to testify on the behalf of the mother. Bottom line here, starting point A. mother of a children ending result B. No contact with children as court system is abused by corrupt judge and court officials, and add financially ruined.

    • Angie

      It is really not that simple. It is not. I understand why you would have that opinion, but it is more complicated than that.

  • Randy Maluchnik

    There is no corruption.

    • Observer

      Randy: simply stating ‘There is no corruption’ is akin to a person with cancer stating ‘there is no cancer’ because they refuse to get diagnosed by the docile and hear the truth. There is certainly an integrity problem with the Carver County courts — at the very least the some if the judges refuse to familiarize themselves with the law, follow it and apply it; instead, perhaps because there is no accountability — no performance reviews, no risk of being fired (certainly during their 6-year term), no risk of being sued no matter how badly they harm their customers (even if knowingly!), they just make things up as they go along and do whatever they feel like–often ignorantly because they refuse to listen to even court-appointed experts yet themselves don’t have the background and skills to discern the facts (is one party abusive? Is one party mentally ill?) but ignorantly, naively think they can just tell by how someone looks or presents themselves. The court documents bear this out — and I would be happy to point out many given the chance. I’ve sat in on hearings having come across the blogs and heard judges make statements such as why would they lie? They don’t look like a liar. Obviously if we could tell who the bad guys are just by looking at th we wouldn’t need police or courts! Whether you call it incompetence or corruption, this certainly exists in Carver.

  • Lori Musolf

    @ Randy Maluchnik, There is no corruption? Why coverup the facts? Do you realize that there is an investigation going on involving Carver County employees? You should, ask Gary Bork as he is aware of it. The MN AG’s office has an investigator working on it, other people are working on other aspects of the corruption. Why lie? You really don’t get it, do you? Shame on you! Look at the facts and then speak honestly!

  • Sickened

    Randy, aren’t you a Carver County Commissioner? That is one strong comment to make while your county is currently under investigation by the Atty Generals office.

  • Name Withheld

    You state that you have known one of the mothers for many years and the children are better off with their father. How do you know what went on in their home behind closed doors? Where you a fly on the wall and a witness to what went on in their home? Or are you believing what you were told by the father? Take your own advise and don’t believe anything unless you have seen it first hand. You are a hypocrite to throw this statement out and then make the above comments. In fact, one of the fathers admitted in court (and you can see the actual court record that you allude to above) that he showered with his 7 year old daughter. Yet he was still granted custody of his children, including two daughters. Ask any professional and they would say that this is abnormal behavior and he should not have been granted custody. Another prefect example of the corruption in Carver County and the Judges doing exactly what they want with no regard for the children whose lives they are ruining.

    • Bonnie

      Nanny’s are being paid, and fathers often may not care for the wellbeing of those children, a mother’s love cannot be bought. Children are clear property issues and forms of control in every aspect of this corrupt system. Money involvement can spell out actions. I challenge someone look into these court costs on our individual cases, and please remember it is about a divorce not a criminal charge! TAX payes are paying for this system. HOW many citizens know that $757,000.00 was just given to the Board of Judicial Standars, we have countless letters that they CANNOT change a mistake done, legally or illegally by a judge. So exactly what is in their job description? Just saying!

  • Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik

    After reading responses with the miss leading information and a lack of facts, I am more convinced than ever, “There is no corruption”. I stand by my statement without reservation. Thank you for the opportunity to present my statement in the best interest of truth and fairness.

    • Sickened


    • Lori Musolf

      @Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik, the truth will come out and you will be unable to stop it. The investigations are being taken very seriously against Carver County employees. There is a definate lack of integrity and transparency in your county and you just refuse to open your eyes. As more complaints are filed, more investigations will be forthcoming and more people will be under scrutiny. Perhaps the Carver County Commissioners need to be replaced in the next election being as they don’t seem to care about the people who voted for them!! This isn’t just a small group of people Mr. Maluchnik, these are the people who you promised to serve! Shame on you!!!

    • Single mom

      Randy Maluchnik, you are disgusting if you think there is no corruption. I pray you will lose the next election. I had my 4 month old daughter taken and I completed what I was asked to do. My guardian advised the court it was time for her to come home. Tracey, Nicole and judge Eide ignored the guardian and kept her in placement until the very last day they could before having no reason to terminate my rights. Why are there guardians for the childrens rights if they are ignored. Carver County made alot of money from taking her. And you think there is nothing wrong? Whats wrong with you?

    • Lori Musolf

      Mr. Maluchnik,
      Please tell me how you would feel if your child or children were ripped from your loving arms for no reason by social workers that were corrupt???

  • Bonnie

    When comments are made that there is no corruption, perhaps these people have never been a victim of this court corruption. The end results is where people need to focus, no one should have their kids taken from them, and the only way that can happen is there is the wrongdoing and money is a huge factor. LOOK at the end results of many of our cases, without children, spouse got home, all assets, despite a full time care taker of the children, obviously means NOTHING in court. As stated, to this, attorneys stand with their hands out, ex’s pay them HUGE dollar amounts to win, and it becomes a malicious intent to ruin. Anyone that thinks there is no corruption, needs to step inside the courtroom, live in the after affects and then state their is no corruption, I challenge anyone!

  • Out and about

    For commissioner Randy Maluchnick to even respond to this article is priceless,it should clearly show the people in carver county elections have consequences. Randy Maluchnicks job as a commissioner is to represent his constituents, instead Randy Maluchnick has chosen to be told by social services and our county administrator along with our county attorneys office to stay out of it. Well Randy Maluchnick the family’s that are involved with this corruption are your constituents is this how the rest of the people in the county should expect to be represented? And yes Randy Maluchnick there is corruption I have the facts , I have the court transcripts, I have the chronology item summary reports, I have court room exhibit documents, I have recorded meetings of how carver county social services operates. These are just few items I have to back up my facts. What do you have Randy Maluchnick ? All you have is what department heads are telling you the county administrator , the county social services dept. and the county attorneys office. These are all departments you Randy Maluchnick are their boss! So with closing you stand by your statement with out reservation Randy Maluchnick . There’s a reason why I mentioned your name so many times in this post Randy Maluchnick and that is the next time any one in carver county hears the statement (in the best interest of truth and fairness) they should think of Randy Maluchnick . P.S all the information I have is available thru the carver county justice center(IF You Chosen To Look)

  • unreal

    @Randy: you should read the files. Your comment admits you have not done due diligence but have blindly and naively jumped to a conclusion. I note one of the commentators asked you to reach out to them so they could point out document that bear out the court irregularities. did you take that commentator up on their offer? what harm would it do to investigate? what purpose does it serve to bury your head in the sand?

  • kristy

    Randy, if you would take off your Rose Colored glasses and get off the Jesus juice, you would look into the files of these women whose lives have been ruined by Carver county. When you listen to the ones who’s jobs you should be over seeing, they will say anything to you to protect themselves. So if you don’t listen to your people that you represent, I hope what happened in Meeker county happens in Carver county when all the Commissioners where voted out because of the corruption they where apart of. (Minus one that was voted out because the corrupted ones changed the lines)

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    Randy Maluchnik: I have a few questions for you since you chose to (not once but twice) make the statement “there is no corruption”. Have you, in your role as an elected County Commissioner, made it a point to actually meet with any of the individuals and personally review the information they have that clearly documents the things that have taken place within the county you are obligated to represent, vs. simply reading the comments on here? That is a rhetorical question, as I already know the answer, which is that you have not bothered. Is it the word “corruption” that bothers you and is leading you to make such statements? If so, please refer to the following definition as it pertains to the Judiciary: “Judicial Corruption refers to corruption related misconduct of judges, through receiving or giving bribes, improper sentencing of convicted criminals, bias in the hearing and judgement of arguments and other such misconduct.” Have you taken the time to sit in at any of the court hearings in any of these cases, to review the actual court orders, the reports of social workers, law enforcement internal reports (in at least one case I am aware of that clearly state “a child was illegally removed from his home”), reviewed the backgrounds and in some cases criminal records of both parties that happen to be involved in a “high conflict” case, etc.? You simply could not have, or you could not make the statements you are making. I believe in your position of County Commissioner, you have a fiduciary (and most would consider a moral and ethical) responsibility to do far more than simply read the comment section of an article and post such a dismissive response. The residents and tax payers of the county you are entrusted to be a steward of deserve much more from their elected representative. Be assured that there is no “misleading” information being presented. Those of us who have had our children suffer the ramifications of a system that is NOT following the law are very careful to screen out those who might attempt to use the as their personal soapbox without having the concrete evidence of wrongdoing in possession. Rest assured that you WILL have to review these cases at some point with much more due diligence than you have, because it is highly likely that eventually the County will indeed be held accountable for the wrong that has taken place. Now would be a good time for you to get on the right side of that which will surely affect the positions of elected officials (and those who feel they have unbridled power) as well as the reputation and possibly the financial security of the County. For anyone who is not sure what the responsibilities you have as a County Commissioner, they can be found by viewing this (which clearly states that you are bound to work with constituents and respond to constituent concerns): A case might be made that you are failing in your position Mr. Maluchnik.

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    It would be a very good thing if the citizens of Carver County helped to drive legislation that mandated video and audio recording in the courtrooms, so that questions of whether appropriate and legal activity is taking place in those courtrooms is no longer in question. It doesn’t mean that the tapes would necessarily need to be made available to everyone without cause, but what it would do is insure that activity is indeed being memorialized in the event that there is a valid complaint made by a citizen. Simply doing this would put a halt to many of the inappropriate, unethical, and not in keeping with the laws of the State of Minnesota conduct that is taking place. Certainly any judge or county employee could not find fault in having this measure, and certainly any citizen should know that it is their right to request and insist upon this considering that every individual that works in the Carver County Judicial Center is an employee of the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. The citizens of this county should also be aware of the fact that each state has its’ own criteria for “professionals” acting in the capacities that affect the lives of our most vulnerable, including our children. In MN, a “Guardian ad Litem” is required to only complete a 40 hour training seminar. Contrast that to the other States who have significantly more stringent qualification criteria. “Parenting Time Expeditors” and “Parenting Consultants” are also not held to a very high standard of qualification, which is a huge part of the problem(s) at hand. Finally, there is no requirement that these individuals have “clean hands” in terms of not being on the payroll of certain law firms, which absolutely skews the recommendations that are brought forth in court. Certainly our children deserve much better when the future of their lives is being considered and altered so dramatically.

    • Bonnie

      WE have visited with Susan Ellegro, @ State Capitol. The lack of training was shocking to me! I have conversations/emails on interrogations by these “officials” of the court. Disgusting what they have put chlidren through with no just cause. We have proof! We will take a stand to have Guardian Ad Litem’s and other officials that make recommendations to the court, some are attorneys, some are paid high dollars amounts by an ex. When I stepped into the court system, I had respect for each person who was to carry out a fair and just result, after over 6 years and witnessing first hand this corruption, all I can say is Legislators step up, enough is enough! We know who will continue to stand and who won’t, letters and complaints are proof enough.

  • Randy Maluchnik

    1. I have talked with some of these folks.
    2. I have asked for evidence of charges. No follow up from the persons I asked for clarification.
    3. If you have evidence I would very much like to see it.
    4. As far as representing the people in my county district, I speak with many everyday. I believe it is my duty to do so. I have not talked with one resident from my district who believes there is corruption. Be glad to talk with one or more.
    5. You attacked me for my opinion. You attack anyone who disagrees with you. Why?
    6. At one time of my life a child was removed from my home. I do understand the emotions involved and personal trauma for all involved. That’s why I spend time on this situation because Families in crisis with children saddens and concerns me. I have seen incidents in these situations adversely effect individuals involved for over forty years. The last thing my Father said to me was “Hoss, It’s all about the kids”. He was and still is right. I hope we can resolve all the problems and hate without adversely affecting the children. Kids have a tough enough time in this times. I want to use my energy to show them they are loved and valued as Hunan beings.
    7. For those that think I do not know what I am talking about, the child removed from our home 25 years ago is currently under going their fourth alcohol rehab in patient treatment program. I am looking at my child’s daughter right now with tears in my eyes praying that it can be better for her and her sister.
    8. Please for the sake of the children let’s stop all this stuff and concentrate on the kids and how we can to make it better for them.

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    I’d strongly suggest that those (and there are many) who have documented proof of the wrongdoings within Carver Co. set up a meeting with Mr. Maluchnik, and that said meeting be video recorded. In fact, I’d suggest that an upcoming county commissioner’s meeting would be a good venue for just such a meeting/presentation. Bear in mind, however, that some have been “gag ordered” from the bench from discussing their cases. However, there are others who are in possession of the pertinent documents of those cases and are not bound to said gag orders. Personal “opinions” should be left on the table…….only those who have evidence of violations of statutes and laws should be heard in my opinion.

    You make the statement that “no one you speak to believes there is corruption”. Please review what the term “corruption” entails…….it is not simply “bribes or payoffs”, and that needs to be understood. Also, please understand that prior to finding themselves in these situations, most who have been harmed would have been saying the very same thing…… is natural to want to believe that courts and police and social workers, et al, do the “right thing” and are immune from such despicable actions.

    While I am sorry to hear of your daughter’s addiction issues (truly), you should be particularly shocked and outraged to learn, then, that some of the children who have been removed from their protective parents (who have no such history of addiction or criminal records/issues) have indeed been placed with individuals who have criminal (including rape for which prison time was served), addiction (both prior and CURRENT), domestic violence and mental health issues. One home of said “foster parents” was even condemned by the county in which they reside, yet Carver Co. still kept the children in that domicile. Is that indicative of doing what’s best for the children in your estimation? Please be prepared to answer how and why your county is paying people like this thousands of dollars per month to “foster care” children when they have been found not fit to have their own children residing with them or even to reside in their own homes. Please be prepared to answer how your county can place innocent children with caretakers known to be addicts without requiring proof that illegal substance use/abuse is not a current issue in the life of the caretaker or other adults living in the home. Please be prepared to justify how orders from the bench can be given that are in clear violation of state statutes, laws and legal ethics. Please be prepared to advise citizens who find themselves, and their children in situations like this, exactly who or what avenues they have to find resolution when it appears that more people are concerned about denying and covering up for each other than dealing head on with any given situation. Most of all, please state that you have an open mind and will offer up the benefit of the doubt that not ALL of the complaints can possibly be false or made with hidden agendas (I can tell you that none of them are, but you would likely not believe me). Ask yourself why any one of the parents involved would possibly, at times at great risk to themselves and their children, put themselves “out here” to shed light on what is obviously a very flawed and troubled “system”…..and one that is most certainly not only not following the laws but also absolutely is not acting in the best interest of the children.

    You are not being “attacked”. You are being asked to step up and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations you have in your position as a County Commissioner, and to do so with honor and respect for all of your constituents.

  • Anonymous also

    Randy I applaud you. You have spoke the words that many others would like to. I have noticed that anyone that tries to make or state their opinion is only attacked by this group and that is not healthy and it more than likely shows in their court cases. Children are not just taken out of a home because counties want money, they are looking out for the best interest of the child and if the best interest means reunification then so be it and that is what they always look to do. Sadly this does not always happen.
    I also asked…what happens when the Attorney General comes back and states that there is no corruption, will that make him corrupt also? Not one person had an answer to that…

    • Sickened

      You need an answer to that question? You base your thinking in being right on the fact no one answered you? That’s a stretch. The report is not out yet. Again you have made highly uninformed comments. You have no clue what you’re talking about. This nightmare in Carver County Courthouse has not affected your world. There’s not one possible way to defend was has gone on here, which is why there’s all this really flimsy judgments made to shrug off mothers and children being ripped apart. Until you know the situation and can comment intelligently with something concrete, your opinions are flimsy. Inmates in federal prison speak to and see their children. For this many mothers to have no parental time, and left with nothing out of divorces… shows a very devastating systematic problem in this county. No one can deny that. Try all you want.

    • Angie

      Let’s wait to see if that happens. Until results are known, why do we try to predict? You seem to feel/believe just as passionately as “this group”, these parents are passionate~ they are fighting for their children and cicil rights. . To say absolutely there is no corruption is close minded. How do you know? I understand that it is hard to believe, unless you have witnessed it or been through it up close and personal. And people have proof.

  • Sickened

    Randy, you spoke to Tiffany Wallace, once. She tried to contact you for months. You called her back and told her, “There’s nothing that can be done, remember I’m a victim as well, my own daughter was removed from my home”… Tiffany Wallace knows about your daughter because she went to high school with another daughter of yours and spent a lot of time at your house in high school. You’ve refused to return emails and calls if any and all victims, other than Tiffany… which strangely you called her after someone commented on the blog about your refusal to return phone calls to her.
    Your comments states the daughter that Carver County removed from your home is an alcoholic and struggling in life. You’re praying for better for your other young family members.. you sound like you were happy the county took her… or are you stating things have been hard for her because she was removed from her siblings and parents and this adversely effected (which would most certainly been the case) your comment is quite strange in that aspect of mentioning your daughter.
    Your reputation is one of wearing rose colored glasses and.skirting around these serious issues claiming nothing to see, while you are well aware what is going on. Which is fine, carry on. You’re not needed to battle this anyway. You are making quite a fool of yourself here though. You might want to refrain.

  • Lori Musolf

    Randy, I did email back and forth with you until I realized that I could not trust you and I certainly wasn’t going to give you a heads up on the info I had. I felt that if I gave it to you that you would then let the county know what evidence we had and try to use it against these moms. This IS about the kids and the lives that Carver County is destroying with no evidence of abuse. In fact, I was just recently in Judge Cain’s courtroom when she stated that she has terminated the rights of the mother based on her “lifestyle” never once did Cain mention abuse or neglect. Cain also stated her decision was based partly on testimony of Krystle Chastek. Krystle was given permanent custody of these children. Ms. Chastek was denied a foster care license, has an open child abuse investigation in Wright County and was their best choice? Give me a break and this is only one of numerous cases pending in your courts! Carver County took these children because they have made thousands of dollars and created job security for these people. Do you want all of these children to suffer like your daughter?? How dare you say there is no corruption in Carver County….how dare you!! You of all people should care what is happening right under your nose and you choose to deny it!! ABUSE OF POWER runs deep in Carver County, even under the seat you sit in!!

    • Bonnie

      Witnessing actions of the court, and prior to Judge Cain’s reviewal of evidence and yet stood defending an attorney! Not sure how many times it was mentioned, she “felt” that it was the right decision to remove children from a home. It shows again, they protect their own!

  • Yikes!

    I am not a judge or a lawyer. I have had the opportunity to work with all of the bench in Carver County. In general, they are a widely respected group. Believe me, I understand there are terrible judges, no doubt about it. One thing that is lost in all of this is the idea that just because an investigation is ongoing does not mean or imply the alleged corruption is real. Judge Blakley was a complete pompous jerk who belittled people. Other judges openly sexually harass women in their court. I do believe that it is possible that where ther is smoke ther could be fire. I find it laughable that everyone attacks the commissioner, if it is even him. Some commissioners I have met are nuts too and for all I know, Randy is as well. That being said, did you really expect him to post “you got us, we are corrupt!” I mean really people, of course he denied it. If he thought it was going on it would be in his best interest to investigate and fire people if necessary. Politicians usually are self-preservationists. For those who claim to have the proof, schedule a meting with Randy. If he still ignores this evidence, add him to the list of “corrupt”.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with people criticizing Judges and/or court orders. What I find troubling, however, is that those orders are seldom-if ever-attached to the blog in question. People just assume that what is being alleged is true. Different people interpret things differently all the time. Blind acceptance of what is being said-without any proof is mob mentality at its very worst.

    • Sickened

      You obviously don’t read the blog. There’s court orders, transcripts, police reports…

      • Who is corrupt?

        AND, yet this is why the blog was shut down. Than, created again, but under a dozen different sites of copy / pasted material.

    • Who is corrupt?

      Could not agree with you more. There are only certain parties that are allowed to see court documents, and yet you have bloggers like Lori Musolf, proving herself to be so narrow minded of the truth.

    • Angie

      It gets so messy though. We can bog you down with paperwork, and there is proof~ But the Court Orders don’t mean much unless you know the evidence and the facts, and trust me, people don’t want to listen.

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    Anonymous, with all due respect, you do not know what you are talking about. This is not an attack on you (or anyone else), this is fact. Do you really think that those who have so very much to lose would risk doing so without having the concrete proof (illegal orders, internal reports that clearly show wrongdoing by the county)??? Contrary to what you say about “blind acceptance” of what is being said, I’d like to suggest that you are doing that yourself by blindly accepting that there is NOT illegal wrongdoing. I can tell you with 100% certainty, that NO ONE would risk going public without having the required documentation necessary. And to address “Yikes”…….the gauntlet has been laid down here publicly to Commissioned Maluchnik to schedule time at a Commissioners’ meeting, and we are awaiting his response (which will hopefully be in the affirmative). No one ever expected him to publicly come on here and say “you got us!”……..what is expected is that he will do his due diligence to thoroughly investigate these matters, and it was his choice to post on here a blanket denial. Considering the fact that some orders have been issued from the bench to NOT post on-line any transcripts or documentation about the cases, a face to face meeting is indeed what is required, wherein the information can be shown to the Commissioners without fear of any of those involved being arrested for violating a gag order in terms of posting online.

    Surely cameras in the courtrooms would alleviate so many of the questions and doubts and memorialize what actually took place. One would think that is where we could all start to find some common ground. Anonymous, would you be willing to advocate for that?

    One final thought…….Mr. Maluchnik, please know that this writer feels nothing but empathy for you in terms of your family’s situation with your daughter, and feels that it is no one’s right to judge or make assumptions about what the circumstances may have been surrounding all that took place. While it was not me that made any derogatory statements, I do offer my apologies for anyone who may have done so………obviously emotions are running high and that often leads to making statements that perhaps would not be made if someone would think with their heart vs. reacting when they are upset.

    Please know that we ALL want to have the truth and the right things take place. It really shouldn’t be the problem that it has become…….there are State statutes and guidelines, codes of ethics, and protocol to avoid potential conflicts of interest. I can assure you that this is not a group of “vindictive” divorcees and/or unfit parents, however. There are many lives at stake here, most importantly children who have unjustly been removed from their loving and protective parent, or watched as their families have been literally forced into financial ruin because of court orders that do not follow MN State Statutes pertaining to these matters, or forced to live in a state of conflict because of a system that has gone amok. I sincerely hope that these matters continue to be brought out to the general public…….light on anything is a tremendous disinfectant.

  • Had enough

    To anonymous and Randy Maluchnick ,
    The problem with our world is there are too many people like you both that have your heads in the clouds and think we live in this perfect little world and everything is just wonderful. Whether you both want to believe it or not, our world is not perfect! You both need to take those Rosé colored glasses off and look at the real world. You can choose to believe what you want or not. But this stuff is really happening all over the United States and YES even in our own back yards. And as a tax paying citizen I am tired of my tax dollars being spend on destroying families rather than working on keeping families together. Unless there is a situation where a child is in grave danger, our system needs to work with these families and not tear them apart so these children get to grow up with both parents. And in these cases mentioned and the mothers that lost parental rights to their children, a great injustice was done not only to these mothers, but also to these children. The only thing these mothers are guilty of is loving their children and marrying a man that could not hold up his end of his Marriage vows. For you both to believe there is NO corruption in this county really makes me wonder. Carver county is far from Plesantsville.

    • @ Had enough

      No city or county is deemed as ” Plesantville ” . Mothers and fathers are capable of loving their children, but when it comes down to grave situations something needs to be done about it. How hypocritical, please review both sides of court cases first, than thoroughly analyze the justification to why kids get put into child protection services. If you cannot receive the justification to both sides, than by all means stay out of it.

  • Name Withheld

    Anonymous – You state “people just assume that what is being alleged is true”. However, you rely on what the father has told you about the mother. You further state that one of the mothers was a friend of yours for many years. If she was such a terrible mother, how could you remain her friend for many years knowing what a terrible mother she was. Maybe you should take your own advise about interpretation and blind acceptance.

  • Lori is full of it

    Lori .. .first and foremost … STOP YOUR DRAMA!! You have no idea what the judge said because you were not allowed in the court room. SECONDLY, this is your last warning to keep Chastek’s name off your posts. You sit there and criticize everyone, but have you looked in the mirror. There is no open investigation, so drop your bull. Yeah, she was denied a foster care license because THERESA KATKA attacked her and BOTH were charged for it. Bet you didn’t know that one, huh?! Maybe before you open your mouth, you need to learn both sides of the story and get rid of your tunnel vision you seem to have. Chastek was acting in self defense, and there are many witnesses who can contest to that. You think you are this big hot shot, but you know diddly squat! Keep your defamation going Lori, and you will see the outcome.

    • Angie

      We saw the letter denying a foster care lic.

      • Lori Musolf

        The denial of the foster care license is for numerous reasons including lies on the application, locking a child in the bathroom, etc. Read it for yourself and quit with the lies……Let’s see if the paper will allow me to send this as they are sensoring these responses and not allowing all of them.

  • Who is corrupt?

    Lori Musolf claims she has all these degrees and advocates. She does this on a “volunteer” basis. Lori, seriously, if you had any degrees you say you specialize in, maybe you wouldn’t be volunteering your time. Meeker County must feel proud to have you as a resident. Oh wait! You tried to prove they were corrupt too. Maybe look at your own life, and focus on your husband, and kids versus nit picking and brown nosing your way into other people’s business. You know nothing.

  • AP

    To “Sickened”, you’re absolutely right. Anonymous has not a clue what she’s talking about. The Attorney Gen. office does not investigate unless there is serious cause to do so. Another State Board ordered the AG office to do so. Anonymous is grabbing at straws to justify something ailing her conscience. Consider the source: this is a person applauding a mother being ripped from her kids. What a sick human being.

  • AP

    BTW, the Minnesota State Board of Social Work asked the Atty Gen. office to investigate the twisted county of Carver. They don’t do that for light suspect. It is serious allegations backed up with irrefutable evidence. FYI (to Anonymous)

    • Anonymous also

      AP and others…so like I have asked two other times…if the Attorney General comes back and states that there is no corruption, then what? Is the Attorney General corrupt? Very simple question yet no one seems to want to answer it.

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    When did this become an “attack” on Lori M? Anonymous, why don’t you pick a screen name and stick with it. Your lack of proper grammar and ability to spell correctly makes it clear that you are posting under several names. Why?

    Personally, I am thankful for private citizens who volunteer their time to help to right obvious wrongs that are happening. No one, that I’m aware of, has made any false claims of credentials they do not possess…….there would be no point. Contrary to what you state, Anonymous, there indeed is a formal investigation taking place (actually several to be precise).

    What you fail to understand, evidently, is that the citizens will ultimately be the people who decide whether elected officials (or those who are, by law, supposed to be elected) and those paid by the taxpayers may conduct themselves in ways that are illegal, unethical and not in accordance with the bylaws of any of their respective professional standards and organizations. These people work FOR the citizens of the County, not the reverse. That seems to be forgotten or blatantly disregarded far too often. That means ALL of the citizens too……even the ones that you may not feel have the same “moral compass” that you profess to have.

    You mention one case, and while it happens to be the case that you profess to be so familiar with, you fail to mention that you yourself “volunteer” your time as well and you fail to acknowledge the many other cases that are currently under investigation/scrutiny. In the case you mention, you continually attempt to provide reasons or justifications for why the children are in the care of a hostile relative, and one who indeed does have legal, financial, housing and addiction issues. Is that the best that can be done for our children if they are taken away from their mother (and for the record, I have not seen evidence of any legitimate reason they were removed from their mother to begin with)? If she was denied a Foster Care License by the county she resides in, why is she being allowed (and paid) to be a Foster Parent by another county in the state of MN???

    Finally, perhaps you failed to notice that 5 County Commissioners in Meeker Co. were voted out of office in the last election…….in great part because the citizens of that county were made aware of the issues that were taking place. It’s really that simple.

    You, of course, are free to post whatever you’d like. Doing so is actually a good thing……as it sheds even more light on what some of the issues really are. But let’s be clear, no one (and I do mean NO ONE) has ‘threatened’ you in any way, nor would they. It would be nice if you would refrain from doing so as well.

  • Anonymous

    To Sickened and others. First of all I am not the Anonymous who knew one of the parties. The only time I have commented about the blog or this article was on July 25th. I never said there were no court orders or police reports that were attached. Since Sickened seems to know so much about the blog, can you tell me a single date when the actual court order taking children away from their mothers, or divorce decrees where mothers have lost custody have been attached to the blog? In two years I don’t think it has ever been done. Let’s see the reasons Judge Knutsen, Cain, Perkins, Kanning and others gave to justify their decisions. Some of these cases have been appealed too. Why aren’t those opinions posted? I can only assume it is because negative things are said about the parent who is losing custody. Let’s see why the Judge did what he or she did. It would give your “cause” a lot more credibility if those orders were attached. Judgment and decrees, custody orders, and appellate opinions are-for the most part- public documents. Give me one example where an actual order taking custody of children has been posted.

    • Anonymous also

      I am not Anonymous, I am “Anonymous Also” but I do agree with Anonymous. I have followed the blog for years and have never seen anything but a bunch of bashing and no hard evidence. I too would like to see documentation on these appeals, but like anonymous stated, it probably states negative remarks about these woman and they don’t want anyone seeing this…

  • Jack Liberty


    Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse
    By keith harmon snow

    A five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States. Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers. Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers’ money every year. Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers. With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system to destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children. Rich, poor, middle-class… No child in America is safe.

    Historically, fathers’ rights groups have spent enormous amounts of time and energy expressing extreme anger over child support, instead of developing deeper relationships with their children.

    Their focus is always money-centric and seldom do they speak of actual child rearing. As such, some actively use their children to attack the other parent, by filing for sole custody for two reasons:
    1. To Reduce their Child Support Obligation
    2. As a Final Attack on their Former Spouse

    Fathers who are batterers and sex offenders are routinely granted visitation and custody, while mothers and children trying to escape abuse are punished through financial sanctions, loss of custody, supervised visitation, jail and institutionalization.

    There are women affiliated with fatherhood groups, primarily second wives who support their husbands in denying ex-wives and biological mothers the right to parent their own children.

    While acknowledging the importance of fathers, those who defend the current system respond: It makes the most sense for a court to look to the parent who has been the primary caregiver of the children during a marriage to continue that role after divorce, and maintaining consistency in that relationship is best for the children.

    While it is true that this approach will often favor the mother, it is gender-neutral in that it also works to the advantage of fathers who serve as the primary caregivers of their children during a marriage. Fathers’ Rights and Child Custody Law – ExpertLaw

    Very occasionally, men reporting abuse of their children have also been targeted for retaliation through family court. However, the systematic mishandling of domestic violence and child sex abuse cases as “custody disputes” is based in a financial corruption scheme that calls for diverting grant program funding through “high conflict” cases, in the guise of promoting “fatherhood” and “shared parenting” post-divorce. Rather than assisting men become responsible parents, “Responsible Fatherhood”, “Access to Visitation Enforcement” (supervised visitation for noncustodial parents), “Child Support Enforcement” and similar federal programs perpetuate abuse of women and children through the legal system.

    The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 and the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) program it created transformed welfare policy by drastically reducing and shifting federal assistance away from the homes of mothers and children and into the homes of violent offenders.
    Minnesota has appropriated $21 million for FY2014 – FY2015 and $47 million for FY2016 – FY2017 towards TANF programs.

    Read Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children

    Nobody has to slip an envelope full of cash into the pocket of co-conspirators to rig court cases for these people. It is all done for them by the government. They get their bribes paid for them!

    Read about MN HHS below

    Media has been a conspiracy of silence, of course with the exception of the Sun Patriot and their watchdog journalism!!! Every news media and television station in America is swamped with people begging them to report on stories that they totally refuse to cover. The reporters are too scared, and they know the stories wouldn’t get printed or broadcast even if they were written. America is the land of fear, as regards to the legal system and the culture of corruption. Everyone involved with the USA legal system is afraid, very afraid, of stepping on the wrong toes. One U.S. lawyer made the statement, “If the American people found out how crooked the judges really are, the whole house of cards will start to crumble.”

    MN political leaders won’t acknowledge the atrocities happening to their own citizens. In the eyes of politicians the people are mere clay to be molded to be compliant to whatever governments do. The people do not understand political realities. The people are incapable of understanding what is in their best interests. The people are worn down by the day-to-day burdens of survival. They do not have the time nor the leisure to cast a critical eye upon the behaviors of their governments. This is exactly where governments want the people to be. Overburdened, distracted, desperate, voiceless, disorganized people are more easily led. The Dream Of Democracy By Ralph J Dolan

    We need to demand media coverage of the human rights violations In our state and nation.We must also exude zero tolerance for lying in courtrooms, lying in political campaigns, lying to cover-up, and deceptions through omission and nonperformance by public officials and public servants.

  • Statistics

    Anonymous: please google ‘Bill Eddy’ for informational purposes. There are flaws in our Judicial System, flaws which lead to problems and sometimes very serious problems. Even assuming the Orders–posted or not–might make negative statements about the patent who lost the child, that doesn’t mean the order is right or that the system functions. If you do some research you will learn that most divorced don’t end up in court, those that so generally have one party who is mentally ill, high conflict. Judges are not trained not equipped to understand mental illness. IBD act MN laws in many respect don’t acknowledge mental illness (eg only physical abuse and not mental abuse is considered domestic violence in MN on contrast to most other states). When you have one high conflict party, with moral compass (i.e. lies), the truth between lies by one party and truth by the other is a lie. So what a judge might determine is ‘neutral’ because its the middle between a liar and an honest person, is actually a lie and not good for the kids. You can’t appreciate that from a court order, you just see the conclusions (based on the false evidence). That’s the best case, but the worst case scenario is a judge who knowingly doesn’t abide by rules and/or acts out their biases, which they can do because they have no accountability. Judges are people like everyone else, and so in a random dole some ate not good or are not competent people. Except they have the power of ‘the court order’ to act out their issues and no accountabiltiy to keep it in check. The system needs reform so it can function more optimally and reduce the number of outlier cases. People have been executed wrongfully in out judicial system, and many times its been shown to be bias–do you really believe that that is the only place where errors occur? What is your objection to a review of our system, see where the weaknesses may be, and course correct?

  • Anonymous

    On July 25th I made an innocuous comment questioning why the actual court orders, judgment and decrees, and appellate court decisions were not attached to the CCC blog. In response, I am told that “I object to a review of the system”, “I am applauding children being ripped from their mothers”, “I am stupid”, “I am sick”, “I have my head in the clouds”, “I view the world with rose colored glasses”, “I object to judicial reform”, “I don’t know what I am talking about”, “I think the world is perfect”, “I am grasping at straws”, and “I am blindly accepting there is nothing wrong with the judicial system”. All I suggested was that it might be enlightening to read and review those judicial decisions that are mentioned in the blog. I am not against judicial reform, I know that judges make mistakes, I understand there is prejudice, and there are times when poor decisions are made, and findings don’t support conclusions. Of course there is corruption in the court system, just as there is corruption in politics and in business. I am certainly not suggesting the system is without flaws, but I am also not going to blindly accept that everything posted in the CCC blog is accurate. What possible objection could there be to attaching that information? I asked “Sickened” to refer me to one post where the actual court order that took custody away from a parent-whether it was the mother or father was attached. Surely there has to be one, isn’t there?

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    To address what a poster (one of the anonymous-named) said about not seeing any court orders on the blog……I believe that is not the case but I’ll have to look. Perhaps someone more familiar with the hundreds of entries on there can address that/clear that up. I will say this, however…….I have been in the courtroom(s) when the judge(s) have placed gag orders on all parties, and more recently the orders have included “no posting of anything on line as it pertains to this case entirely”. I can tell you with 100% certainty, I’ve seen the orders myself and there are some that are more bizarre than words can adequately describe. In terms of the Supreme Court decisions in some of the cases, you do understand that the Supreme Court has the “option” of even hearing cases if they choose not to, correct? I was in the courtroom where I heard the judge state that “the transcripts from the proceeding would be destroyed”. Why is that even allowed? So if you think that you are getting all of the information in a public format, you are mistaken. I understand why one would assume that, but indeed that is not the case.

    Therefore, it seems to me that ALL sides of this issue should be in agreement on ONE SIMPLE THING. That is that to avoid anything like this even being allowed to take place (bad rulings, unethical behavior, etc.) and then to be discussed with people who simply refuse to consider that these things are indeed occurring, recordings should be made of any and all court proceedings.

    The oath of “Clean Hands” (meaning no one has their hands in a compromising situation wherein there is a possibility of being suspect of wrongdoing) ought to be insisted upon. Custody evaluators, Guardians ad Litem, Parenting Time Experts/Expeditors, psychologists, Attorneys, and Judges should not be on each other’s payrolls where in essence a decision that is supposed to be about what is best for a child can be bought and paid for or given as a show of alliance with each other professionally. Public Defenders assigned by the courts should not be colluding with the prosecutor, nor should other court appointed attorneys be acting in any way other than what is in the best interest of their client(s). It is very much like the Oath that physicians take…..”First do no harm”. Surely we can all agree on that principle correct?

    Finally, please do not underestimate the fear that many of these parents who have indeed been wronged by this system have about this system that has taken away not only the most precious beings in their lives (their children) but also one that has brazenly been allowed to take away their rights in terms of legal procedure, statures, and freedoms. I’m continually perplexed at what anyone thinks any of the victims of this system have to gain by going public and speaking out. Far too often, they have nothing at all to gain, and much to fear by daring to speak out. In far too many cases, what they want is actually quite simple…….they are demanding an explanation of why and HOW a court, given all of the evidence, can possibly continue to harm more individuals. Some people are asking people to “prove” that they have been wronged. I’m saying that the State has a responsibility to prove the grounds and reasoning they have for wrongfully removing children from their parents…….EITHER parent. It simply cannot be said that ethics and the law is being followed when a parent who has had his/her child taken away has no criminal or addiction or psychological record or history, and the court deems it appropriate to remove the children from that parent and place them with the other parent who DOES have a record like that. Again, surely we can all agree on that. When one parent has taken 2 or 3 court ordered psych tests and passed with flying colors and recommendations that they not have their children taken from them, how many more psych tests does the court feel appropriate to order (at the victim’s expense by the way) until they get the answer they seem to be seeking?? Another poster stated that the mental disorder associated with so many of these cases is not an easily diagnosed, cookie cutter, psychopathy. But if one parent is to be analyzed in this manner, both certainly should be, and that is not the case in far too many cases.

    Each individual story is important, but cumulatively they all stack up to be a significant problem for the Family Court system, particularly in some counties. Carver County is unfortunately one of them. I’d suggest that everyone pay attention to the trends, and to the solutions, vs. getting so caught up and emotional about any one given case. Collectively everyone can work together to find ways to assure that our courts are indeed open, honest, and operating within the confines and the scope of authority they are granted by the State and by our constitution. I don’t believe people are in search of vindication, but rather, assurance that everyone is playing by the same set of rules and that the rule of law is what is followed in our courts.

    Bottom line, you don’t have to believe each story. Truth has a wonderful way of always coming out, and it will in each of these cases as well. That could happen much sooner if a few simple things were adopted now, once and for all. Everyone should want that to happen.

    • @ a mother, citizen, and business owner

      You say you don’t have to believe every story, but look at you. You are calling out people you don’t even know and making accusations against them such as having addiction issues or being hostile when you have no facts to back up what you say. Why are you believing what you hear? All your posts lead in the direction of being a hypocrite, you are changing avenues to try and cover yourself up. Seriously, what are you ladies trying to accomplish. Geez.

  • Not an Attorney

    I’m just a casual observer. No skin in the game. I must ask, why doesn’t Lea Dannewitz or the other claimed victims ever show their divorce decrees and other orders from their cases? I’ve noticed that Lea Dannewitz only posts portions of orders and never has once posted the divorce decree. Whoever “controls” the information on this site should consider being a bit more tolerant of other’s ideas or commentary. This site (CCC) is nothing but one-sided, disorganized, and is starting to show its age.

    • Patriot

      To add to Not an Attorney’s comments, I would add that to achieve some sort of credibility, those “victims” on the CCC blog should actually expose some sort of corruption, instead of promising things to come but never deliver. These stories on the blog read in a disjointed manner, are self serving and further serve to perpetuate the “victim” way of life. These authors need to look outside their group and get some objective advise on how they are approaching this. Misery loves company i suppose, but you need to do a bit more than just claim corruption- you need to actually prove it. And don’t say you already have….nothing has been shown to support your claims. You know it. . .and the readers know it. Where is all of this supposed support from legislators and other civil servants? You don’t have any support because every political or public official you try to turn to sticks around for a couple weeks at most, then drops your cause like a bad habit.

  • @ not an attorney

    Thank goodness for person like yourself to be absolutely correct at the CCC blog. Could not applaude you enough. Well said!

  • @ Patriot

    Applauding you as well. Thank you for exposing the truth behind the CCC blog. Misery does love company and quite frankly that’s all these women do is point fingers at everyone, but themselves. I feel so sorry for the individuals who these bloggers point fingers at.

  • FYI

    The CCC Blog is setup under administrative approval such as this article is with ONE major difference. The CCC blog only accepts supporters of their cause and will not allow differently. The Bloggers are observing any posts made here than translating into their own words on the CCC blog. Not surprising by all means as this is probably what they wanted for people to post on here, than claim corruption someway, shape, or form. The CCC blog has been court ordered to shut down in the past, however the admins to the blog continue to create blog after blog of copy / pasted material.

    CCC bloggers before you finger point you need to get your facts and names straight.

  • Patriot

    Hello? Anybody gonna post some of the Orders that prove the corruption? Anyone? Still waiting……..

  • Anonymous

    To Patriot, Not an Attorney, Anonymous Also, and hopefully many others. This is the only opportunity we non-believers-or doubters have had to comment. No-one is allowed to question what is professed to be true in the blog, and nothing negative is ever posted. There was supposed to be a link to the appellate court opinion on the Banken case back in February. Have we seen it? No. Judge Perkins was going to resign due to public pressure initiated by the CCC. Did he? No. There is always something BIG brewing. There is going to be a lawsuit filed against Carver County-soon. And let us not forget about the Freemasons and their rings and secret handshakes. It is something right out of the Da Vinci Code. And then there is the CONSPIRACY- which as nearly as I can tell includes about 30 individuals most of whom don’t even know each other. Wake up people! Demand that the Court Orders be posted. The blog might be helpful-or even informative-if it was somewhat even handed in its approach. It is not, and sadly, never has been.

    • Real truth and Freedom of Speech

      100% agree- I have in the past tried to comment on the site and in return had my intentions questioned and my posts not published…

      As for the Court of appeals order of Lea’s – I can understand why it is not posted-
      You an read it here –
      (if it doesnt allow linking here – try searching for February 11, 2013 A11-2156 mn court of appeals) –

      Personal responsibilty is a hard thing to have when you think entitlement is an answer. Im not even going to go into the crazy Illuminati talk, men are evil and pedophiles- or even the Republican political agenda they push. It sad that there might be bad judges or lawyers .. but this blog does help get the real word out..

  • A mother, citizen and business owner

    Perhaps someone would like to address, here, publicly why 5 children who have been removed from their mother by Carver County are in the “foster care” of one that the State of MN states (and here’s some “crystal clear” documentation for you) is not suitable and in fact, BY LAW, is disqualified from any position allowing direct contact with, or access to, persons served by DHS-licensed programs. Here is the documentation that apparently those who doubt the concerns of the protective parents, and in fact Carver County itself, chooses to ignore. “Because Ms. Chastek is disqualified from any position allowing direct contact with, or access to, persons served by DHS-licensed programs; because each of you knowingly withheld relevant information or gave false or misleading information during the application process; because you placed a child in a dark bathroom with a closed door as a means of discipline; and, in order to protect the health and safety of children receiving services in DHS-licensed programs, your application to provide child foster care is denied”. So, perhaps someone can explain how this “foster parent” is, despite clear orders from the State of MN, being not only allowed but PAID to be a foster parent??? How are innocent children placed in a home that cannot pass a safety inspection? The Carver County social worker (one of them) involved in this case is copied on the lengthy report by the Office of Inspector General dated 4/8/13. Why are the children still there?

    • Such a hypocrite

      Wow, you are such a hypocrite. The house you are referring to is free and clear of any safety concerns. Why don’t you post follow up inspections versus initial reports. You must not know anything because the state nor did Carver think any of the kids were in danger, if they were the kids would have been removed to begin with.

      Better yet follow-up on anything. You seem to be posting initial stuff to make people look bad. Shows a lot about your character.

      Seriously, if you think you know everything why don’t you take it up privately with the individuals you keep pointing fingers at versus exposing nothing but fabricated information. This makes you look like a fool because you have very little information to go off on.

      This is the 2nd warning to keep this individuals name off here and your blog.

  • Patriot

    Wow! I read the court of appeals opinion and see that Lea agreed to restrict her blog and facebook posting? She agreed before the court ordered her to do so. All these months she’s been saying that the court ordered her to “take down the blog”. This is rather telling. I see why she doesn’t want the orders posted. She’s been lying to everyone about what has happened. No shocker there. (Now i suppose the court of appeals is corrupt?)

    • Angie

      she surrendered the blog. Shocker! other people that faced corruption took it over!

  • Anonymous

    I am sure that Ms. Sowles had no idea the firestorm of controversy her little article would create. I mean 79 responses-that’s huge. I must say that a Mother, a Citizen, and a Business Owner’s current posting seems far less vitriolic than her original response on July 19th. On July 30th, you asked for assistance from fellow CCC supporters in locating court orders that were attached to the hundreds of entries posted in the last two years. Has anyone responded? Real Truth and Freedom of Speech directed you to the Court of Appeals decision in one case. Have you read it? I just did. YIKES! You say you were present at a hearing where a judge ordered a transcript to be destroyed. If that really is the case, then you need to report that Judge to the Judicial Board. I can practically guarantee there would be an investigation. You also propose that hearings should be recorded. Have you by any chance seen a man or woman sitting to the left or right of a judge typing furiously away? That person is called a COURT REPORTER. Some small outstate counties do record hearings because there is not enough money to pay a court reporter. Finally, I know nothing about the case you refer to above. Perhaps Ms. Chastek appealed the decision and prevailed. If not, I do think this should be investigated further-if in fact-the children are still there. See, we do agree on something.

    • Angie

      I don’t get the anger. If there were corruption, do you think that court records could not be modified? more realistically, do you know how expensive it is to get transcripts? So justice is not free, nor is an appeal. you say report to the Judicial board. That is naive. Much occurs “off the record” unless a jury is present why go off the record? why to fail to audio record hearings if its on the up and up?

      Show where Ms. Chastek appealed and prevailed? please do!

  • Sickened

    Lea never agreed to take.down the blog. The court order they refer to is from september 2010. The blog started July 2011. So that’s not possible. Lea agreed to take down a faceboom case summary… the fact remains three young kids are without a mom, for no good reason. You need a darn good reason to restrict and infant and two young kids from their mom, even phone contact. Thats absurd on many levels. No explanation. With all the rest of the stories this is a very serious problem in this county. Very serious. Most of the comments on this article questioning seem to be written by the same person. You should change up your writing style to make that less obvious.

  • Sickened

    And the part in this article that says the legislators reject issues is not true… not sure where that came from.

  • Patriot

    Ms. Sowles: are you willing to write an article that discusses the other side of these stories? That would be a simple task, but necessary to appear responsible in any reporters approach to true journalism. All you have to do is list and briefly discuss the counter-points to all these allegations. They go something like this: Absolutely no proof to the claims of corruption, no proof of bribes, the consistent refusal to post the court orders in their entirety, and the routine and swift dropping off of support from local politicians. You should also do some simple investigating of these individual’s “legal advisor”, Dale Nathan. Once you get an understanding of his background, your readers will start to understand why and how these “victims” blindly pledge their loyalty to him.
    I truly hope you start asking these simple questions. I guarantee you will come to find that that the claim of corruption, that according to the “victims” goes as high as the MN Supreme Court and the federal government, is a hollow and sad claim.

  • Jack Liberty

    It’s clear that some of the posts are trolls using shock value to promote arguments and stir up drama with their anonymity. They are purposely sowing hatred, misogyny, and bickering between people responding to the article. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments without revealing their identity! This keeps everyone diverted from the core issue. . .
    WASHINGTON, June 27, 2013 —The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC) is supporting the advocacy group Mothers of Lost Children in calling for a Federal Oversight Hearing into the violation of civil rights when protective parents lose custody of the children they are trying to protect.

    Activists, inspired by the recent, tenth annual Battered Mothers’ Custody Conference (BMCC X), petitioned senators and congressmen outlining the failure of family courts in the 50 States to protect victims of domestic abuse and their children during divorce and custodial hearings.
    The follow-through is expected to gather pace in the coming weeks as the mothers continue to organize and hone their campaign for justice and safety for their children.

    White House Advisor to the Vice President on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Lynn Rosenthall openly acknowledged there are high levels of discrimination against women in family courts.

    Rosenthall is encouraging protective mothers to petition for change. She offered to use her position to pass on any targeted recommendations stemming from the conference and its aftermath to Congress.

    She announced a Federal Task Force is to respond to the Family Court crisis.
    Members of the NSCC met with staff members from the offices of Senators Durbin, Franken, Boxer, Feinstein, Casey, Gillibrand, Hagan, Brown, Portman, Menendez, Schumer, Toomey, Thune, Leahy, Sanders, Kaine, Lautenberg, Reid, and Merkley, along with Congress members Conyers, Hoyer, Cardenas, Maloney, Neal, Poe, and Costa. Initial responses were encouraging, and behind the scenes, the work goes on.

    One wheelchair-bound mother told representatives of the Congressional Judiciary Committee her back had been broken by her violent former husband and her eldest son had committed suicide while in the care of his family.

    She said the combined trauma and tragedy had limited her ability to maintain employment and yet she had been court ordered to pay child support to her custodial ex. She described how, despite her condition, she had been put in jail for accepting and smoking a cigarette after the judge told her she was under order to hand any gifts over to her ex in lieu of child support. She said he told her she should have sold the cigarette and given the income to her former husband.

    Hearing her story and others, Ron Legrand, Democratic Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary said: “I’m truly shocked, dumbfounded and disturbed. Once in a lifetime something comes along that you feel you have to go out on a limb and give your all to support. This is such a cause.”

    Lobbyist, Connie Valentine, a vocal member of the California Protective Parents Association (CPPA) observed that over the years of attending the conference:
    “One mother can start her story and another can finish it. Specific details may be different but the general stories are all the same.”

    Since the inception of BMCC ten years ago, mothers have shared how they and their children suffer often years of abuse from their partners. They have described domestic violence that can manifest as physical, psychological or sexual in nature. They’ve agreed all forms are interrelated, equally threatening and totally unacceptable.

    Mothers have told how they are wrongfully profiled by judges, attorneys, and an assorted variety of custody evaluators as being the parent most responsible for the collapse of the marriage, the hostility of the divorce and any detrimental effects on the children.

    Mothers injured first by their abusers and then again by court processes have consistently identified the act of making an allegation of abuse as the trigger that results in an onslaught of false accusations and misrepresentation from the opposing party.

    Protective moms say they have sought to defend themselves and fight for the safety of their children, only to be undermined by court practices. In extreme circumstances where there has been a persistent threat to a child, some mothers found no alternative but to take their child into hiding and face the serious consequences of abduction charges.
    When mothers have chosen not to run, but to continue in a seemingly never ending fight for custody of their child, they have found themselves forced into bankruptcy or facing jail sentences when they cannot pay child support to the custodial father.

    Renowned academic and expert on domestic violence, Phyllis Chesler spoke to protective mums attending the BMCC X in language that is stark and dramatic: “The police do not rescue abused children. In fact, the court often award custody to their abusers and severely limit or cut altogether the “crazy” mother’s visitation. When such mothers finally run away to save their children, they are routinely captured, imprisoned and lose access to them for a very long time.
    Battered mothers need excellent court representation and the best lawyers, often exemplified by those prepared to represent a mother pro bono. These lawyers are prone to ‘burn-out.’ Helping a custodial embattled mother is very demanding.”

    Protective mom Cindy Dumas, mother of Damon Moelter whose bid for emancipation from Family Court custody rulings won him attention in the national media, was among the mothers who travelled to Washington. She brought Damon with her to tell their story and stress its significance to protective mums around the nation.

    After a ten-year legal battle and months of hiding from a father he feared, Damon took extraordinary action to help himself find the security the courts had failed to allow. He chose, at 16-years-old, to get married.

    Luckily for Damon, in Nevada a marriage license can be obtained with notarized permission from one parent only. He could therefore pursue emancipation through marriage without seeking his father’s approval. The worst of his personal war is over and yet he is keen to stress he does not see this as a victory. “I didn’t beat the system, I circumnavigated it,” he said. “I spoke to numerous professionals and none of them protected me.”
    His experience has led him to become a staunch advocate for children’s rights and, speaking at BMCC X recently, his closing comment, aimed at protective mothers and other child victims of abuse, was chilling.

    “One in five kids is sexually abused. It’s not as if the professionals don’t know what they’re doing, they deliberately cover-up abuse. They are entrenched. If you don’t recognize it’s deliberate, you may make the wrong choices and then you won’t be able help yourselves.”

  • Anonymous

    Angie, you don’t get the anger? The anger is coming from the CCC group not the rest of us. They are attacking everybody and anybody who questions the truth of what they are saying. A mother, a citizen, and a business owner said she was present at a hearing where the Judge said to destroy the transcripts. Off the record, on the record, it doesn’t matter. She needs to write to the Board and tell them the name of the Judge, the date, the name of the case and then sign her name. IT WILL BE INVESTIGATED, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AN OUTRAGEOUS THING FOR A JUDGE TO DO-and I suspect it’s not true. I didn’t say Ms. Chastek appealed and prevailed. A letter was attached from April. I don’t know what happened since then. I said it should be investigated further if children are there now. GOOD GRIEF! As to Sickened, obviously you still haven’t read the Court of Appeals decision, or you would know the reasons. Please tell me why a mother who claims the father of her children abuses them “almost every night” would refuse-for 2 years to take a psych eval, or to have supervised visits. Someone once questioned that in the blog-and the answer was-“because it is a rigged case.” Huh? I know of a case in Hennepin County where the mom saw her 4 year old supervised once a week for a year, and now court services is recommending that custody be transferred to her from the dad. Why would you continue to leave your children in an abusive situation if you truly believed that? Wouldn’t you walk through fire to see them? I would. Look at the Rice Court of Appeals decision. She has a multi millionaire husband (as do all these women who have lost custody of their children) and she gets no property whatsoever. The opinion says Mr. R. took on $500,000 worth of debt. Is she complaining because she didn’t get $250,000 of it? Over and over again the CCC says fathers are paying off Judges, Attorneys, Guardians, everybody, but is there one tiny bit of proof to show that is the case? Mr. Banken is another multi-millionaire, and yet the appeals decision says the entire estate was valued at under $200,000. Ms. Banken didn’t receive any of the equity in the house-which would be terrible-except her share was $237. I am anonymous. Not anonymous too, Not anonymous for fear of retaliation, not a Patriot, or any of the others who have questioned what tis posted in the CCC. There is no single person criticizing the blog, there are now many-thank goodness. I second Patriot’s request for Ms. Sowles to do a follow up article. By the way, Judge Lynch the former Chief Judge of the first judicial district did an investigation of a number of the cases that are referred to in the blog. He found no corruption-hence he must be corrupt too. His letter was attached to an article published in the Chanhassen newspaper a few months ago. There are plenty of places to find and validate or disprove information in this day and age. So why don’t the CCC supporters ever look for it? THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES. Re-read the fairy tales of your childhood.

    • Name Withheld

      Do you feel better that you have vented and re-vented about the Carver County Corruption blog – saying the same thing in all of your relies? It appears that you have kept very close tabs on the blog and have a great deal of information about the Orders issued, etc. Very interesting as to why you would be so interested in the case and have so much information unless you are associated with one of the fathers or you are actually one of the fathers.

      • Anonymous also

        That is yet another ridiculous comment. You plaster this blog all over the place and when someone does not agree with you, you automatically think it is someone like the father or maybe the fathers new girl friend/nanny. Could it be possible that not everyone believes that this is going on plain and simple?

  • Anonymous also

    I hate to be so sarcastic, but this whole situation is so ridiculous. Jack Liberty (I’m sure that is his name) states “why don’t you show your identity? Sickened…is that your real name? A mother citizen and business owner…is that your real name? Statistics…is that your real name. You want those that contradict the CCC blog to show their identity…really?
    I read the appeal for Lea and all this time she has been claiming that she never received any of the assets, looks to me that she received about 72k, was this a lie or did she just forget about that part. If she was pulling in a six figure salary in real estate, why is she not doing that now. I hear that realtors can set their own schedules and have plenty of time to fight corruption.
    Name Withheld asked me…Where you a fly on the wall and a witness to what went on in their home? Or are you believing what you were told by the father? Yet your group believes each other and tell me…did your group all live together like a big cult? How can you sit her and say that and all you other blog followers and then have the guts to criticize a foster parent that you don’t even know?

  • anonymous

    The Chanhassen article with Judge Lynch’s letter was posted on May 1, 2012, not several months ago. I was wrong, and I know that will be pointed out to me. I also don’t think the CCC has a chance of obtaining 501 status, as to do so you cannot: 1. Attempt to influence legislation 2. Participate in any campaign activities. I would suggest you rename the blog CCCC. Carver County Corruption Cult. It would seem more apropos-since there are no dissenters. You have to “drink the koolaid” in order to belong. And then there is the claim that Carver County takes the lead position of counties in the US showing signs of corruption. Really? I don’t know whether to be proud or sad. Over 3,000 counties in the country, and Carver comes in first? I may have to move from Hennepin so I can get in on some of the bribes and slush fund money. How did you come by this information? Oh, now I remember-you made it up. Jack Liberty made me laugh when he said we are trolls because we post comments without revealing our true identity. Welcome to Trollsville, Jack-cause you didn’t either.

  • Sickened

    Patriot and Anonymous, You should notice the comments have the date and time
    you comment. Your comments are within minutes of each other.
    You should space them out so it’s not so obvious you are responding and agreeing with yourself.
    Just trying to help out. 😉

  • Anonymous also

    Sickened did it ever occur to you that the admin doesn’t sit here and watch just this sight? Could it be that maybe the admin comes back ever so often and looks at posts and approves them? Sometimes I have commented and it doesn’t show up until the next business day. I think Sickened is paranoid!

  • Patriot

    Court orders? Where are the court orders? Anyone? (Sarcasm intended. . . )

  • Nitty-gritty

    I’d like to thank the individuals who are coming forward and putting the CCC bloggers where they belong. Anonymous you are absolutely right about the bloggers. They are a cult. Their mission is to expose corruption, let me rephrase that, their VISION is to expose corruption. The vision of narrow-minded people that are doing nothing, but grasping at straws.

    At sickened – this must be what you do. You post under your screen name than you post under another name. Sort of like the example.. You smelt you dealt it. Someone said it above that misery loves company and by golly so true.

    The CCC BLOG is ludacris, end of story.

    Okay all .. It is 11:26 a.m. Lets see when this will post. Hmm, guessing relatively soon since it is within business hours. Shocker, think not. Just the admin doing their job lol.

  • Bonnie

    If everyone can go back to the article and read the story. Many cannot grasp what this really entails and those that are results of horrid court orders, and the results of those orders. I would like to clear the air in regards to part of the article. In the statement that the “Carver County Corruption is working on becoming a 501(C) (4) or a 501(C) (5) organization so that supporters can donate to the cause”. IT IS JUST THAT! Our goal is to eventually organize efforts with supporters and join forces, it is not the Carver County Corruption (website that this pertains to) only supporters who can stand behind facts and reveal the many levels of corruption and enormous spending in the court systems, tax payer money! The article that was written was that to serve a purpose to bring awareness, make positive changes, in a corrupt system. Judcial accountability, and legal accountability has to be addressed. It is a known fact that The Board of Judical Standards has stated over and over in their reply lettters “they do not have the power to correct a judges decision, even if it is a LEGAL OR ILLEGAL mistake. Plain and simple, there needs to be accountabilty and oversight, and the Legislators do have the power to make this right. Complaints then, can be taken serious and drama can be eliminated. Bottom line is this, many of our lives have been tragically changed and lives have been ruined, all as a result of a court order. If anyone cannot see some form of wrongdoing. I would consider this.. have you ever experienced any of this, or walked in the shoes of a mother who’s had her children taken from her? In a particular case..prior to the divorce she was a full time care taker of children, they were turned over to be cared for by numerous nannies, babysitters when they could be well taken care of by the mother who was the primary care take from the time they were born. Also, the financial damage this creates for every family, is not ok.