7-11-13 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – July 10, 2003
The Fourth of July weekend was one of the best anyone can remember in the last few years. Sunny, hot weather made the beach a busy place. Four year old twins Austin and Garrett Hilgers were all smiles as they spun around on their inflatable raft, firmly held onto by their father Dave. The fireworks seen from Lake Waconia’s beach was again a fabulous show.
Gregory J. Vitas, M.D., F.AC.S. has joined the surgical staff of Lakeview Clinic Ltd. He completed his residency in general surgery at the Mayo Clinic.
Minnesota Viking and Waconia resident Jack Brewer will hold his second celebrity fishing tournament on Lake Waconia on Sunday, July 13.
Mayer-Jeff Anenson has signed letters of intent to participate in the Tabor College cross country and track and field programs next year. He was a member of the five-time conference champion cross country team at Mayer Lutheran High School. He earned multiple honors, including honorable mention, all-conference and all-state. He is the son of Ron and Sandy Anenson of Mayer.
Donny turns 80! Come help Don Krautbauer celebrate his 80th birthday on Saturday at the Augusta Ball Park.
Vern and Marge Debner of Waconia will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on at the American Legion Hall in Waconia.

25 Years Ago – July 7, 1988
Heat has lowered the level of Lake Waconia 11 inches. The reefs are not yet out of the water on Lake Waconia but the Carver County Sheriff’s Department have marked the major shallow areas.
The Waconia Marching Band had a championship weekend. They marched to victory in Monticello and again in Annandale. It received the grand champion ranking. Shelly Hilgers and Diane Fadden proudly held the trophy won at Monticello for all to see.
Two housing permits were issued in May in Waconia. They were given to Dan Schelitzche for a home at 234 Sunset Blvd. and for a new home for Ralph G. Molnau at 185 Sunset Blvd.
Waconia Chamber of Commerce president Bob Ackerwold presented Kim Mackenthun with the annual Businessperson of the Year Award. Honored with Achievement Awards were Leroy Dueber, John Scheuble, Will Yetzer, Marvin Mackenthun and Frank Sicheneder.
PATRIOT FORUM: Rumor has it that Elvis Presley is still alive. What do you think? “I don’t think he’s alive; because someone that famous wouldn’t want to go out of the limelight that long.”-Dan Schmitt-Waconia. “He’s dead. He died with a Bible in his hand. I’ve seen his grave in Memphis.”-Bob Schwichtenberg-Waconia. “I don’t think he’s alive. If he is, there are millions of people who are looking like fools visiting his grave every year.”-Lisa Fischer-Waconia. “I think he’s dead. I suppose it’s possible to scheme it up; but would he really want to.”-Lisa Schmieg-Waconia.

50 Years Ago – July 11, 1963
The Waconia High School Alumni Reunion was well attended. The sixth annual dinner and dance was held at the newly remodeled Paradise Ballroom. Norval Schmandtke, the president, was the Master of Ceremonies. Officers for the coming year were presented by Robert Mock. They are: Will Yetzer, Gordon Felt, Florence (Lobitz) Mulhern, and Barbara (Haering) Wildermuth.
Cologne – A freight train ran over farm laborer, Ernest Hasse, 67, who had been working on the Hubert Buesgens farm, four miles northeast of Cologne. Hasse was one of two men sleeping in a boxcar. As a string of four cars were being moved off a siding, Hasse woke up and jumped from the boxcar to a loading platform, and lost his footing and fell under the moving cars. Two wheels ran over his left leg. Doctors at General Hospital were skeptical that Hasse’s crushed leg could be saved. He is the father of eight grown children.
The Tot Rod Race which was held on the Fourth of July was a favorite activity. Winners included Tom Hedtke, Jay Wyttenhove, Kevin Klaseus, Tim Heinen, David Born, Chris Graff, Linda Meyer and Randy Willemsen. Winners in the Soap Box Races were Leon Lange, Mark Born and David Anderson.
St. Bonifacius – Dorothy Thesing Rehbein of here and Bert Fasching of Waconia were united in holy matrimony at the St. Boniface Catholic Church. Attendants were the couple’s children. They are making their home in Waconia.

75 Years Ago – July 7, 1938
“They come out of the ground like St. Patrick was calling them,” said C. J. Rhea, as he stepped back to admire his handiwork. And they did. Angleworms came sliding out of the ground when they received the Rhea “hotfoot.” Mr. Rhea, about five years ago, conceived the idea of using electricity to help him in his fishing. Digging for bait was too slow, so he put two steel rods in the ground, hooked up the current, and literally shocked the worms into the open air. The only drawback to the ‘electrical worm” is that the worms have to be where the rods are, or vice versa. Mr. Rhea is seriously thinking of inventing a worm detector and going out and cornering the market on angle worms.
Waconia’s new Diamond Ball league got off to a real start Friday night. The Pioneers won over the Gamble Store by a score of 7 to 6 in a nine inning battle. The wining batteries Pete Lohmar and Andy Scheuble pitched and Ted Schneider played catcher. Anyone is welcome to participate. So let’s see some of you boys from around Waconia turn out.
Cologne – A crew of carpenters are building a garage which will house the school bus owned by Cologne District No. 24. The building is being located near the site where the Roufs Garage was formerly located. Cologne has the largest school bus in this part of the state, and now will be about the only town in this area with a garage owned by the school district to house its fine school bus.

100 Years Ago – July 11, 1913
Early Tuesday morning when Pharmacist Diessner walked into his drug store he noticed that two Scott Boy Scout watches were missing and as Mr. Diessner is absolutely positive that the watches were there late in the afternoon of the previous day the belief is that some miscreant was in need of time pieces and “nabbed” them. The place for the party who deliberately and willfully stole the watches is the State Reformatory where the “stealy” nerve is extracted from such dastardly undesirables.
Quite a scare was experienced by Mrs. Carl Mielke upon her return from the depot Tuesday evening. Indications are evident that someone had been in the house during her absence, for windows which were open, were found closed and the trap door to the cellar was wide open. However, the intruder was not discovered, despite the fact that a thorough investigation was made.
At this time we will not tell the name of the young man who was in the park Sunday evening and had his arm around one of the prettiest girls of the town; but we would advise him to select a less conspicuous seat than a bench directly under a gas light.
Two men were arrested for being drunk and fighting. They were sentenced to six days labor on the village streets.
The interior of the German-Bohemian Headquarters conducted by John Zeman has been newly decorated greatly enhancing that place. John has also purchased a new set of bar fixtures which were put in this week.