Richard Scott takes presidency of Rotary

Richard Scott
Richard Scott

The new fiscal year for the Waconia-West Carver Rotary Club is here and with it, a transfer of the gavel and the position of Rotary President from Ron Seib to Richard Scott, has recently occurred.
Ever humble, Scott noted in a recent Club email that he was honored to serve as the new president for the 2013-14 year, but lauded Ron Seib’s work as president this past year. In addition he said, “I am indebted to [Seib] for his mentorship, encouragement and leadership.”
By anyone’s definition of Rotary leader, Richard Scott is an excellent example. The Rotary motto is service above self and Scott has lived out this motto in his leadership in the School District 110, in Rotary in a variety of leadership roles and in Waconia and other communities in which he’s worked.
Born in the foothills of the Himalayas to medical missionaries, Richard Scott and family relocated to Minneapolis when he was young. He graduated from St. Olaf College with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and received his Master’s degree in Public Health. After being out in the field, he felt called and he studied Congregational Leadership and Faith Formation for two years at Luther Seminary. Currently, he is working towards his doctorate in education at Capella University.
His work career in Carver County began in 2001 while he was still in seminary. Del Hurt, then Director of Public Health for the county, asked him to work on the Carver County Health Partnership as a planner, which then led to his consulting work with the Carver/Scott Cooperative and the position of Director of Research and Development. In 2009, the Waconia School District offered Scott the position of Director of Grants and Development. He noted that the work has afforded him the experience to work with committed parents, a dedicated and a visionary superintendent.
“It has surpassed all my expectations,” he stated. “I love what I’m doing — making things happen and helping others make things happen.”
Making things happen is also why he joined Rotary in Chaska while working there and then transferred his membership to Waconia when he took the job at the School District.
“Rotary provides you the opportunity for leadership, the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to serve,” he said.
As Scott looks toward this year as president, he hopes to increase membership and continue to build on the fellowship aspects of Rotary. “The more we know one another,” he noted, “the more we understand and accept each other and also ourselves. We develop an unconditional regard for others.”
He also envisions creating a signature project in the community for Rotary and to emphasize an international project. He and Waconia Superintendent Dr. Nancy Rajanen recently traveled to Chimbote, so the importance of international projects was made personally evident to him.
“You cannot go on a trip like this and not realize the value of service to other people in other countries,” he stated. “The experience changes you.”
Scott’s plans are ambitious, but he has the support of the club behind him. Also supporting him are his family — his two sons and his wife Debbie. “I’m so proud of Debbie,” he noted, “and I can do anything with her by my side.”
Scott invites everyone to visit a Rotary meeting and discover if Rotary is an organization for you. To find out more, contact Richard Scott at (612) 805-8899 or email [email protected]