Rails to Trails clues to the Golden Spike

The search for the Golden Spike, associated with Watertown’s annual Rails to Trails festival, entered its fourth day on Thursday. The Golden Spike is located on public property in Watertown, and its finder will receive $300 in Caleb’s Cash, good at many Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. If you find the spike, bring it to city hall for verification.

Here are the first four clues:

Clue No. 1

It’s been 21 years for this annual celebration.

Adults and Kids enjoy looking for the Spike.

Activities in Watertown change with the seasons.

Be sure to have fund, but be safe too.


Clue No. 2

Two presidents will point you in the right direction.

You’ll enjoy spending time outdoors,

Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Rails to Trails is a family affair.


Clue No. 3

Many cities operate under a charter

Taking the right trail is a bridge to success.

Watch for the sign to change your way of thinking

You could come up with grand prize.


Clue No. 4

The principle reason for looking for treasure

Is to track down your quarry

There is a lot of racket going on under this field

Dive too deeply for the spike and you’ll be rejected.