Organizers plan NYA Relay for Life, seek volunteers, teams

The eighth annual NYA Relay for Life will be Sept. 21, a change from summer dates of past years. (Submitted photo)
The eighth annual NYA Relay for Life will be Sept. 21, a change from summer dates of past years. (Submitted photo)

NYA Times

Organizers are hoping to draw a larger crowd at the eighth annual Norwood Young America Relay for Life this year.
Rather than having the event in the summer like in the past, the relay, will be held on Saturday, Sept. 21.
What hasn’t change about the event, which benefits the American Cancer Society, is the impact it could have on everyone, according to Dar Mondor, one of the event’s tri-chairs, along with Pat Zellmann and Kim Tellers.
“I believe in the efforts,” she said, “Cancer is in all of us. It depends on how it’s going to attack. The more we do, the more they can find.”
Mondor knows the impacts of cancer all too well as her dad, Barney Kranz, died of esophagus cancer and her sister, Judy Maas, is a four-year survivor of ovarian cancer.
She first got involved in the relay eight years ago through the NYA Lions Club’s group, Roarin’ for Cancer, and has been working hard ever since, becoming a tri-chair last year.
In the third year of the Relay for Life in NYA, Dar and daughter, Michelle, helped organize the carnival, a key attraction for families.
This year’s event is expected to draw more families as it will be held from 11 a.m. to midnight, rather than overnight.
In addition, organizers hope the fall date will draw more school children to get involved, which is already working as the Touchdown Club will raise awareness at Central’s first game against Mayer Lutheran on Friday, Sept. 20.
Among the new activities this year are kid’s fun run, dance performance, vendors, bean bag tourney and a karate presentation
“I think what we’re most excited about is there are more family events,” said Mondor. “People can do things together with the family.”
Organized by Laurie Hilgers, Relay for Life committee member, businesses are also encouraged to raise money for a cure whether by purchasing ribbons or luminary bags or hosting donation buckets.
“My dream is to get the whole town involved,” said Mondor. “To do that, you need to get the businesses involved. Laurie has taken on that task to get the town rolling on that.”
Right now, 13 teams are registered for the event, compared to 16 from last year and Mondor emphasized they are always looking for more volunteers or teams.
“Our dream was to paint the town purple with ribbons,” she said. “We thank everybody who supported the event in the past. It’s only going to be as successful as we make it.”
The 2013 Relay for Life in NYA will be Sept. 21, from 11 a.m. to midnight.
For more information or to get involved, call one of the following tri-chairs – Pat Zellmann at 952-467-3819, Kim Tellers at 952-467-3637 or Dar Mondor at 952-467-2506.

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