7-25-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

The differences are what make this country great

To the editor:

On June 27, Joe Polunc wrote another wonderful letter in response to Sean Olsen’s letter. Polunc states, “By blaming Bush, Olsen confirms his partisanship by refusing to consider that the Obama administration may have overstepped their legal authority.”
I went fishing online and found that in June 2006, the Supreme Court ruled that Bush did not have authority to set up military tribunals. In April, 2010, a federal judge rejected the Bush administrations justification for warrant-less wiretapping that started because Bush claimed the power to override a 1978 law.
The judge said that Bush lacked the authority to do that. Every president has issued something that could be considered an executive order. Every president has done or said something that someone has hated. There have been scandals in previous presidencies.
I do not understand politics. I also believe that certain Republicans will hate and disagree with anything a Democrat does or says. There are also Democrats who hate anything Republicans offer. Joe brings this truth to light at the end of his letter, “Finally, at the end, my new pen pal tries to hit a conciliatory tone. I would find it difficult to work with someone whose loyalties to the DFL party and President trump that of the Bill of Rights and my fellow citizens. Mr. Olsen, you can put your lifeless old ‘olive branch’ back in storage. It ain’t working.”
We live in America, a democracy where people have a right to choose who will govern them. We have a variety of interests and beliefs. As I understand it, in a democracy, participation in civic groups should be voluntary.  No one should be forced to join an organization against their will. No one should support a political party because he is pressured or threatened by others.
In a democracy, citizens are free to choose which party to support. Participation in democracy must be peaceful, respectful of the law, and tolerant of the different views of other groups and individuals.
If America were just a single party, we would live like they do in China, North Korea or Cuba. I like differences. That is what makes us great. But we can’t be great if we cut each other down for political beliefs. If Alan Simpson and Grover Norquist can meet and talk calmly, why can’t the Republicans and Democrats of Carver County greet each other with an olive branch and hear each other out without name-calling and repugnance?

Lisa Amott

Vacuum of leadership in Washington on both sides

To the editor:

There is no doubt that the occupant of the Oval Office has incredible power to influence the course of history. What the President says and does is closely monitored and analyzed.
I believe the President missed an opportunity with his comments on the Zimmerman trial this past Friday, July 19. Obama went decidedly racial, demagogic and manipulative. Short of claiming sainthood, he put himself in the shoes of Trayvon Martin, citing examples of racism that he was “victim” to.
The President turned a trial of self-defense into a race baiting bit of hyperbole. The jurors have stated that the trial was not about race but the justifiable use of deadly force. It appears that the mainstream media and other well known “race baiters” are intent on using the Zimmerman verdict to stir up racial animosity. Let’s hope they fail.
The fact is that Zimmerman is Hispanic and Martin black. However the President cited examples of white racism and projected those upon the case. Once again manipulating the narrative. Obama also spoke of “stand your ground” laws as something that has to be revisited, again completely ignoring the trial issue. Here comes a backdoor attempt at gun control.
Unfortunately the President said nothing that was inspirational or uplifting. He went purely political altering the trial issue to fit his agenda. But this is what he does constantly. Nevermind the constant black on black carnage in Chicago. Nevermind that during the 33-day Zimmerman trial, there were 54 homicides in Chicago, 42 of which were black. Obama’s agenda is that these issues can be solved with more government programs and taxpayer dollars. Detroit is exhibit A on what endless federal spending and intrusion results in.
The Zimmerman trial did give the administration respite from coverage on their numerous scandals. Like the bombshell dropped at the IRS scandal last week and the ever widening NSA revelations. Don’t forget the Ben Ghazi witnesses who were forced to sign a “non disclosure agreement.” Obamacare continues to reveal its disastrous effects. Oh, and heads up on the future mega-snooping case — the “Data Hub” being setup in the Department of HHS. With all your personal tax data and health records being managed by thousands of civilians — what a treasure trove of data mining!
Meanwhile, over in the Republican camp, they are caving to the Democrats daily. The Republicans continue to fly the bi-partisan flag and send mixed messages to their constituents. Seven Presidential appointments were bargained away for not changing the Senate filibuster rule. Soon the GOP “leadership” will hand the President a sizable victory on immigration. Border security, e-verify and visa scrutiny will be empty words on a bill destined to be ignored. The Democrats toy with the GOP like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.
One can only wonder where this all will lead us? When will politics be set aside and the enormity of our problems be faced? There is a government shut down looming in September. The “debt ceiling” will be breached again this fall and the fed continues to prop up the stock market creating $85,000,000,000 monthly. The Mideast continues to be a powder keg adversely effecting world stability and oil prices.
Will we ever get past the race issue? At the time of this submission, the Congressional Black Caucus is undecided on a formal boycott to the State of Florida. No word yet from the Congressional White Caucus.
There is a vacuum of leadership in Washington and I see nothing positive in the offing from either side.

Joe Polunc