8-1-13 CCN Letters to the Editor

Writer says democracy needs compromise

 To the editor:

I read Joe Polunc’s Letter on July 25, and had to respond to such ridiculousness.

There was a lot of partisan drivel about the President, but I think the comment “The President turned a self-defense trial into a race baiting hyperbole” really brings his bias to the fore. How anyone can describe the trial of an armed adult who stalked an unarmed teenager, and then shot and killed him as a self defense trial is beyond me. It was a murder trial and Zimmerman got off because of Florida’s absurd Stand Your Ground Law.

He talks about the lack of leadership in Washington, and criticizes the Republican leadership for negotiating with the President and Democrats. What he is really saying that the leadership is unwilling to support the ideology of the far right. He does not believe in opposing sides working together to move forward. He would rather bring our government to halt, and threaten the nation’s economy, health, and defense rather than compromise. The rhetoric opposed to compromise today is similar to that from southern leaders prior to the Civil War.

Our Constitution is the product of compromise. Through the years compromise between opposing views has allowed us to prosper as a nation. Compromise is necessary in a Democracy.

Jim Weygand



Dairy industry is important aspect of area

 To the editor:

“June is Dairy Month!”

You‘ve seen this slogan in advertisements, on billboards or in the media, but what exactly is “dairy month,” and why is there an entire month dedicated to the consumption of dairy products? After all, the month of June is behind us, so what is all the hype about? In my opinion, every month should be “Dairy Month” because of the wonderfully healthy and nutritious products that are brought to your table every day by the dairy industry.

Hello, my name is Katie Buckentine and last April I had the honor of being crowned one of the four Carver County Dairy Princesses.

One of my responsibilities as a representative for Carver County is to educate and promote the products of an industry that I love so much, am proud to be a part of, and plan to devote my life to!

It’s so easy for us to go to the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk, or grab some yogurt and cheese, but have you ever thought about all the steps it has gone through to get to your table? It starts with the wonderful cows. Producers work closely with the feed nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure their cows remain sound, happy and healthy. Careful consideration is given to genetic trait selection to ensure the dairy cow’s offspring mature to become healthy and vigorous.

Keeping a cow relaxed and content is essential for them to produce such a high quality nutritious product, so extra measures are taken to guarantee the cows are comfortable, especially during the hot summer months. Cows are milked in a clean environment and the milk is then transported to state inspected creamery where it is processed into the many wonderful products we know of as ice cream, cheese sticks, and chocolate milk!

Many of us are unaware of the importance of dairy products in our diets and how nutritionally complete they are. I have observed moms and dads at the grocery stores in the dairy aisle with their young children, and when they put those dairy items in their cart, I want to tell them, “thank you” for choosing such a healthy product for themselves and their families. Dairy products are absolutely packed with nine essential nutrients including protein, calcium and Vitamin D that contribute to better bones and better bodies.

Agriculture has always been and will continue to be such a fundamental part of our American economy. It serves to not only feed our population, it also employes thousands of Americans, from the cooperatives, the animal health workers, seed companies, truckers, machinery dealers, grain elevators, insurance salesmen, agriculture production manufacturers, and processing plants, to name only a few. If we think for just a moment on just how many local people are employed by these industries, and how many families are supported by agriculture, we can begin to understand that by keeping dairy and agriculture strong in our communities serves to promote and sustain the viability of our economy.

The Carver County American Dairy Association will once again be having the milk booth at the Carver County Fair. The booth is staffed by Carver County Dairy Producers, their families and supporters. Stop on by, say hello and grab a 50 cent all you can drink refreshing glass of milk or delicious chocolate or strawberry shake! Bring your children to the dairy barn, see the many wonderful different breeds of dairy, watch a cow being milked, ask to pet a cow, ask questions about the dairy industry, educate yourself and become informed, or simply enjoy being in the presence of these wonderful animals.

I would like to take a moment to also thank you for choosing dairy, and thank the Carver County Dairy producers, supporters, and agriculture industries for being such an important part of the health and economy of our nation.

To the Carver County Dairy Producers and industries … I applaud YOU!

Katie Buckentine


Carver County Dairy Princess


Writer says laws have changed, but not God’s law

 To the editor:Today, Aug. 1, same-sex marriage beings here in Minnesota. Governor Dayton signed this into law May 14. Today the news media will make sure this is proclaimed far and wide.

I would like to remind everyone that while our Minnesota state marriage laws have changed, God’s word has not changed!

From the beginning of this world, God created Adam and Eve, male and female, and established that one man and one woman live together in marriage as husband and wife. (Genesis 2, 20-25).

Our culture is changing. New morals are being forced onto us. We see how Christianity is being lobbied against in both our state and national government. The Christian principles on which our country was established are being disregarded.

Satan, to whom we are introduced in Genesis, Chapter 3, is hard at work today in our homes, our churches and in our government. Satan is the father of all lies. This is how Satan works to undermine God’s Word. Here in Minnesota, he is doing this by undermining and disordering God’s arrangement for the family. He gets us to think sin is not a sin. God’s Word plainly forbids the homosexual behavior. Leviticus 18: 22-24 and Leviticus 20: 13. Also, Romans 1: 26-27, 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 and 1 Timothy 6: 9-10.

The lie put forth while the Minnesota Legislature debated same sex marriage was “God is Love, and he wants everybody to be happy, and do whatever they feel is right.”

Yes, God is a God of Love. But He is a holy and pure God who detests sin and impurity. All our sins, no matter what they are, condemn us.

The good news is that God promises forgiveness in his Son Jesus Christ. We Christians need to continue to lovingly share our God-given convictions with the homosexuals and reach out to them with the forgiving love of Christ, and the hope that is found only in Him.

We must also remember who is in charge. God is! Not our government, which tries to legislate and redefine marriage.

God’s word states marriage is between a man and a woman. It doesn’t matter if people really “love” each other. God’s word defines what is right. Any sex act done outside of a one-man-and-one-woman marriage union is a sin. Such acts are not part of God’s plan of creation — just like adultery, divorce, pornography, sexting and one-night-stands are not part of God’s plan.

We need to be grounded in God’s word and then talk with our children and grandchildren about a healthy and biblical view of sexuality and the family. If we don’t talk about it, we know the government certainly will, friends will, the TV will, the internet and movies will.

Remember Satan has been defeated, through Jesus Christ’s suffering and death on the cross and His glorious resurrection. In His victory we go forth. We are not without hope. We need not back down and be intimidated. His word is true!

Helen Bunge