8-1-13 NYA Looking Back

10 Years Ago,
Aug. 1, 2003

District 108 School Board members approved the amount and terms of the excess levy referendum it will be speaking this fall. The district will be asking voters to approve an amount of $500 per pupil unit over a five-year term at the Nov. 4, 2003, election.
Things will be looking brighter for Central Schools when they begin the football season. District 108 School Board members approved a lease/purchase agreement for new football field lights at the July 24 meeting. The cost for the lights is $42,426 over a three-year period.
The NYA City Council passed three resolutions that pave the way for a new used car dealership. Roger Klemen received approval for variances and a conditional use permit to construct Norwood Sports Cars on the vacant lot along Highway 212 west of the Pizza Ranch.
Tiffany Kline of NYA got to play summer volleyball in Australia the past two summers as part of the International Sports Specialists organization.

20 Years Ago,
Aug. 5, 1993
For the past three years Bob Gindorff of Norwood has been trying to do something no one in the world has done before – produce animated sign language tapes for children who are hearing impaired. Gindorff’s youngest son, Kyle, has been deaf since he was 8 months old, a victim of meningitis.
In another short summer council meeting, Cologne City Council members reviewed the city’s financial condition, discuss the almost completed sidewalk project and reviewed upcoming meetings concerning the cable franchise and bids for Benton Meadow’s improvements.
Nathan Dammann, son of Mike and Julie Dammann of Maynard and grandson of Curtis and Deanna Wolter of Norwood and Harlan and Yvonne Dammann of Hamburg is playing in the National AAU Baseball Tournament in Kansas City this week.

40 Years Ago,
Aug. 2, 1973

The July 26th meeting of the Young America Planning Commission brought to mind a famous quotation to paraphrase, “What’s in a name? A road by any other name is still a street.” Since street signs will soon be purchased in Young America, the Planning Commission is concerned about street names. The fact was brought up that the main street is really Mill Street and the mill is actually on Main Street.
Crop damage in Carver County as a result of Sunday’s high winds and hail totaled $1,685,000, according to Lloyd Lobitz of the United States Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee.
Jim Stuewe, Hamburg, won a gold medal in the 240-meter relay, a bronze medal in basketball and fourth place in the 100-meter dash at the Stoke-Mandeville International Wheelchair Games near London.