Geese management in effect at Waconia park

Although geese can be beautiful birds, the waste they leave behind can make a real mess.
In recent years, this has become a problem at Lake Waconia Regional Park. To help alleviate these issues, Carver County has contracted services with Canada Goose Management this summer to round up geese in an effort to maintain an environment suitable for public swimming and beach activities.
“It’s really in relationship to us offering a beach service,” explained Marty Walsh, Parks Director for Carver County. “Typically, the beach is an attractive place for the geese and it gets to a point where it’s very difficult to maintain the beach to provide a quality beach experience because of the number of geese there.”
Canada Goose Management, which is licensed and has the necessary DNR permits to do the work, recently finished the second of two geese roundups planned for the park this summer. The first roundup was held on June 24 and the second occurred on July 18. In total, the company live trapped 71 geese.
The adult geese are processed for food shelves and the young geese are used for food at a wolf center in Minnesota.
This is not the first year the county has removed geese from county parks.
In 2012, approximately 100 geese were removed from Lake Waconia Regional Park and a couple of goose management efforts have been held on Eagle Lake in Baylor Regional Park near Norwood Young America over the last four to five years.
Although the county has not received any feedback regarding geese removal in Waconia, Walsh noted that some residents near Baylor Park expressed concerns about geese being removed from that park.
Walsh noted that goose populations have a tendency to reestablish themselves and the county now waits for the goose population to reach a certain threshold at Baylor Park before any management effort is set in motion.
“This is about trying to maintain a quality experience for our users,” Walsh said.

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