Notice of public hearing – Buffalo Creek Watershed District


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Buffalo Creek Watershed District has adopted a proposed Budget for the year 2014 which is set forth below:
Proposed Budget for 2014
Audit expense $1,500
Dues to Minnesota Watershed Assn. $2,300
Salaries of Managers, per diem & mileage $17,500
Bond premiums & insurance, including workers compensation         $4,000
Legal expenses $12,000
Engineering expenses $15,000
Newspaper notices & office expenses $3,000
Routine stream maintenance $30,000
Special projects & non-recurring expenses $30,000
Water quality monitoring $15,000
Matching grant money $12,000
Marsh Water Project legal & engineering expenses $20,000.00
TOTAL $162,300

Project 79-2 Budget:
Anticipated maintenance expense $2,500
THEREFORE, the Board of Managers of Buffalo Creek Watershed District on the Aug. 27, 2013, at 7:30 p.m., at the Glencoe City Center, Suite 103, 1107 11th Street E., Glencoe, MN, will hold a public hearing on said proposed Budget, and that all persons interested in the Budget are invited to appear and be heard by the Board of Managers with respect to any matters in connection with said Budget.
By: /s/ Charles Kubesh, Secretary

(Published in the Aug. 1 and 8, 2013, Norwood Young America Times)