Card of Thanks – Carlson

Keith would be so amazed, so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for his family.
Whether you were one of those that brought a “boat-load” of food to our house and his funeral, gave one of the hundreds of extremely generous memorials, whether you were one of those that spent huge amounts of your time with us, attended his funeral, sent flowers, or said a prayer for us … WHATEVER you did, you have our heartfelt thanks. It is simply impossible to express how grateful we are to each and every one of you.
Our thanks go out to Pastor Zacharias and Mary for their visit and prayer after church that first morning after we learned of our tragedy; for Pastor being with us at our private reviewal, for his words, prayers and song as well as for conducting the beautiful service, which along with his amazing sermon was a true tribute to Keith.
Our thanks go out to Julianne for playing the organ, to Tom for running the slide show and special music as well as his help with the meal, not to mention the extra custodial work. Also thanks to Brenda, to both of our head ushers for being with us and to our LWML group for serving the supper.
It never ceases to amaze us what a great job everyone does; seemingly with very little effort. Last but not least, a huge Thank you to Don and Sheila and Family and Mike, Roxanne and Jenny; what they did for us is far too much to mention in this note.
I’m not even sure I’m aware of everything they did to make our lives easier from day one to present; from being with us continually, from setting up, picking up food etc., to greeting, welcoming and making feel special all of our guests, especially our “Trucker Friends.”
There are no words to express the deep appreciation that goes out to Sherri Stamps at Hantge Funeral Chapel. Sherri went above and beyond to assure that we knew exactly “when, where and what” was happening between here and Nevada at all times.
She and her staff, Gail Rolf, Lois Droege and Melvin Byer, helped to make things as easy as possible for us under a very difficult situation. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to Sherri and her staff.
Keith and “his Pete” have reached their final destination … Thank you God.
Even though it’s extremely difficult, we know that this is the way Keith would have wanted it; leaving this earthly life doing what he loved; reaching his eternal home. It goes without saying that Keith will be missed by a TON of people; not just us.
Please do not let the memory of him fade; keep telling those jokes; make people laugh … oh and keep those vehicles CLEAN!!!! Please continue to celebrate the life of this extraordinary man who we all had the privilege to know and love!
With our Sincere Thanks for EVERYTHING that you did to honor Keith and to help us … we are truly blessed.

With love from
the Keith Carlson Family