Meeting Minutes – Waconia School Board

Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Trustees
Waconia Public Schools
A Regular of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, June 10, 2013, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Educational Services Center.  Call to order by Chair Rothstein at 7:00PM. Members present: Rothstein, Weinand, Thom, Varble, Erickson, Bullis, Griffin  Members absent: none
Motions Approved (unanimous)
1. Minutes of the May 13 and May 20th meetings
2. Consent Agenda:
Bills and Wire Transfers
New Hires:
Alyssa Larsen, Social Studies .8FTE; Sally Hockinson, Kindergarten 1.0FTE; Leslie Haack, EBD 1.0FTE; Heather Carlson, LD 1.0FTE; Sarah Gosen, Math/STEM .75FTE; Laura Bergjord, Social Worker 1.0FTE; Lorraine Larson, Autism Teacher 1.0FTE; Dennis Glenn, .625FTE Custodial Cleaner; Lauren Rothschiller, 1.0FTE Elementary Teacher; Emily Beltz, 1.0FTE LD/Mathematics Teacher
Employee Status Changes
Karen Thell FACS Teacher (.5FTE to .583FTE); Mandy Bellm (7th Grade Math 1.0FTE to Technology Integration Coordinator TOSA 1.0FTE); Mary Ellen Timmers Admin Assistant II (219 days/year to 224 days/year); Janette Frisinger ESP (6 hrs/week to 10.5 hrs/week); Kelly Woycke ESP (18.5 hrs/week to 19 hrs/week); Courtney Kelzer ESP (5.5 hrs/week to 11.5 hrs/week); Jeri Lynn Bares ESP (30 hrs/week to 31.25 hrs/week)
Leaves of Absence
Corinne Ibeling, Laura Rasanen, Joanna Bongard
Bailey Frederickson, Nicole Schahn, Mark Torborg
Receipts of Donation
$500. donated by David Bergman Family for Scholarship Memorial Fund
$2,000. donated by the Waconia Lions for a portable scoreboard for Community Ed Lacrosse.
$6,350. donated by Twins Community Fund for Fields for Kids Grant – Community Ed
3. 3-Year Health & Safety Budget for 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2014-15
4. Policy #807 Health and Safety
5. Revised Budget for 2012-2013
6. Preliminary Budget for 2013-2014
7. Resolution for Joint Powers Agreement with Southwest Metro Educational Cooperative
8. Program Study Recommendations for Clearwater and Waconia High School
9. Apple Master Purchase Agreement
10. Approve Board Policies:
208, 211, 413, 413 Form, 526, 805
11. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.  The preceding is a summary of the official transcript on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd, Waconia.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is July 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the District Office.
Expenditures by Fund:
Gen fund                             $2,618,529.
Food Serv                                 $54,262.
Com Ed                                    $85,786.
Facility Bond                           $18,765.
Jessica Kilian
(Published in The Waconia Patriot Aug. 8, 2013)