8-15-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Cologne citizen feels justice has been denied

To the editor:

According to the Cologne City Council, Carver County Public Health Department and the county attorney, you are now  allowed to burn your garbage (and whatever else) in your home so long as no one can “visually” see you put it in the incineration unit (even with an ordinance in place forbidding it).
Sounds preposterous and ridiculous, right?
Well, it’s absolutely the truth and it’s what the citizens of Cologne have been told for eight years (yes, eight years!). It’s no wonder people hate government.
After four years of gathering evidence for the county — including garbage output monitoring, hundreds of time-dated pictures, log books with dated burning violations, numerous police calls, doctors visits, six sworn statements from citizens and physical evidence — perhaps this nightmare will end soon … perhaps. If for some ungodly reason this nuisance is allowed to continue, is there anyone out there that can help us get our rights restored? Mn. Statutes 561.01 and 609.74.

Wm LaRue