Carver County Fair offers plenty to do

Susan Jacobs of Norwood Young America checks out submissions by her granddaughter, Caydra, 7, of Waconia at the Carver County Fair on Friday. (NYA Times staff photos by Adam Gruenewald)

NYA Times

The Carver County Fair offers plenty of activities and options for area residents, whether it’s checking out displays, showing animals, entering exhibits, enjoying rides and food or simply walking around the fair.
For Susan Jacobs of Norwood Young America, she had a special guide in the Education building on Friday as her granddaughters Cambria and Caydra, 7, led her around to different entries.
Caydra of Waconia, the daughter of Paul and Kara, received several different ribbons for her multiple entries to the fair including a blue ribbon for her fairy clothes.
“They entered a lot and looked forward to doing it,” said Susan, who took them to the arboretum for the photography category.
When asked, Caydra eagerly jumped up to point out her photograph she took off a yellow flower.
Susan and her husband, Rob, were eager to visit the fair with their granddaughters while Paul and Kara were working.
“These kids have been going every year,” she said. “They just love coming here and seeing how they did.”
The family experience was also key for Jacob Oelfke, 19, of Hamburg who was busy in the Dairy Barn preparing dairy cows and one dairy steer for the show.
Jacob was busy shaving the 16 registered jerseys for the fair while his sisters Jessica, Janet and Jennifer did much of the showing.
A 2012 Central High School graduate and the son of Jim and Jody has been coming to the fair as long as he can remember and planned to be at the fair the whole time as well as the upcoming State Fair as well.
“I’m the one who gets them ready,” he said. “I like working with our animals and my family.”
Glenn Strube of Mayer shares similar experiences, as a fair board member and worker for the fair for the past 10 years.
This year, Strube found himself in charge of the Agriculture Building, tending to and watering plants that needed a drink.
“I like making the grounds look nice,” said Strube of his work in the Ag Building. “I just started that this year. This is all new to me.”
Among the bright and colorful flowers making their home in the Ag Building were those of Patty Zellman of Cologne.
Prior to starting volunteering at the Carver County Historical Society, Patty, 59, was eager to check out the multiple entries she and her husband, Lynn, 60, had submitted at the fair.
Patty said they have been displaying at the fair over 25 years, getting the idea from her kids who were in 4-H.
“My kids brought school things to the Education Building and I found out about open classes that anybody could bring anything in,” she said. “So I thought I’ll bring some garden flowers.”
Even though her kids, Teresa, Andy, Lisa and Melissa, are older, Patty still enjoys the experience.
“My kids are all grown now and I’m still doing it,” she said.
The Zellmans work hard all summer in their garden to prepare their entries, including sunflowers, a variety of vegetables, canned items and floriculture arrangements.
While there are plenty of highlights every year, Patty said she is definitely “hooked” on submitting items and is eager to submit new items with her husband, as long as they fit into the car.
This past year, their maple syrup entry was named a champion.
“That was on our first try and we were pleased with that.”
Among her winners this year among 42 entries included a blue ribbon woodland art arrangement with evergreens, which she spent two hours gathering and assembling.
“I did real well,” she said. “I saw some reserve champions and some blue ribbons. My sunflowers especially did real well.”
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