Carver County moves ahead with several bridge projects

Bridge construction projects were the theme of the Aug. 6 regular session of the Carver County Board.
Planning moved ahead in the County State Aid Highway 43 bridge replacement project in Carver, despite concerns from the township that the CSAH 41 bridge project in the same area would overlap with the CSAH 43 project, making travel difficult in the area.
A final decision will not be made by the board and the Public Works department until all bids for the CSAH 43 project are in. There is a possibility that the project could be delayed until next summer to avoid overlap of closures.
Also in the city of Carver, a bid was awarded to S.M. Hentges and Sons, Inc. for the replacement of the 4th Street Bridge. The county also entered into a joint powers agreement with the city, because the city has a population under 5,000 and therefore bridge bonding funds need to go through the county from the Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid.
Another contract was awarded to Sunram Construction, Inc. for work on two pieces of the Southwest Regional Trail in Chaska and Victoria. The County entered into joint powers agreements with both cities, as well as a maintenance agreement with the Three Rivers Park District.
The first segment will be the construction of 1/3-mile of trail that will link the Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail (at County Road 62) to an existing trail on Engler Boulevard. The trail will go around a current monument in that location and the county has taken possession of, and plans to remove, a billboard nearby. The Victoria piece of the trail will be a 3/4-mile segment that will connect Kirke-Lachen Park to the Minnetonka Regional Trail.
The total project cost for the two trail segments totals close to $884,000 and funding will come from the Federal Transportation Enhancement Funds, Parks and Trails Funds, Metropolitan Council Acquisition Opportunity Funds, the cities of Chaska and Victoria, and Carver County.
The Board also convened as the Carver County Regional Rail Authority on Aug. 6 and agreed to enter into an agreement for the Carver Levee. Located on the former Union Pacific Railroad Corridor, the agreement allows the city to maintain and operate the levee system on CCRRA property.
The next meeting of the Carver County Board will be Aug. 20 at 4 p.m.

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