Car show planned for Stiftungsfest

Car Show
Todd Schultz of NYA is excited to see classic cars like his 1970 Plymouth Road Runner and a 1969 AMC AMX at the Stiftungsfest Car and Tractor Show on Aug. 24. (Submitted photo)

NYA Times

The Stiftungsfest car and tractor show is fueling Todd and Lamont Schultz’ long interest in cars.
While it started when they were kids, the Schultz brothers are now revving up their passion with fellow area residents at the 12th annual car and tractor show during Stiftungsfest.
“Me and my brother always loved cars for a long time,” said Todd of Norwood Young America. “We thought we should have a car show in the community because a lot of people in the surrounding communities have cars. We thought it would be cool to start one.”
For Todd, 49, his interest began when he was 16 with his first car and amped up as he learned a lot from his older brother Lamont, who now lives in Lester Prairie.
“I’ve always had nice cars and kept them really clean,” said Todd.
The vintage muscle cars are what drives Todd’s passion now, and Lamont has developed the same interest.
Among the older cars Todd has right now includes a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner and a 1969 AMC AMX, while Lamont has a 1979 Corvette, 1973 Dodge Challenger and a 1973 Plymouth Cuda.
“They don’t make them like that anymore,” said Todd, highlighting the horsepower and uniqueness.
Beyond the muscle cars, Todd and his brother enjoy reusing car parts to make tables, decorations and other items and also visiting other car shows in the area.
Like the Stiftungsfest car and tractor show, which attracts over 100 people across the state, the car shows lets Todd and other enthusiasts chances to share their hobby.
“They are all cool to me,” he said of the highlights of the Stiftungsfest show. “What I notice is the distance people travel to come to the car show. We’ve had people from Deerwood, St. Paul, Minneapolis. There’s some people that come a long ways.”
To acknowledge the effort and highlight favorites, a wide variety of trophies are given out include five picks from entrants, a people’s choice, three dealers’ choice, best of show voted on by the brothers, draw and win prizes, and new this year, a tractor best of show.
“We’ve been getting quite a few tractors the last few years,” said Todd. “I always felt bad for them because they have to compete with other cars and they never win.”
This year’s Stiftungsfest car and tractor show, which includes a DJ, will be Saturday, Aug. 24 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church parking lot in NYA. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. with a $10 entry fee. Trophies and prizes are given away at 1 p.m. and dash plaques are given to the first 100 cars. For more information, call Todd at 612-859-7627 or Lamont at 320-395-8465.

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