Cologne Academy holds ribbon cutting

Cologne Academy board member Julie Olson cuts the ribbon of the school’s expansion as board member Lisa Schlough and Executive Director Lynn Gluck Peterson watch on Saturday. (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

NYA Times

Cologne Academy staff, students and parents helped get the school ready for the fall during a spruce up the school day on Saturday.
In all, about 150 parents and students took part in the annual day and checked out the latest 10,080-square-foot addition to the school. Highlighting the activities were a ribbon cutting and ice cream party to celebrate the expansion featuring new lockers and new classrooms.
Their work was certainly appreciated by teachers and staff as they returned to the school on Monday for workshops before the start of school on Sept. 3.
Executive Director Lynn Gluck Peterson said she is excited about the expansion and the potential for the building.
“(I’m excited for) our middle school students that they have their own space,” she said. “It’s visually different than the rest of the school.”
Cologne Academy has occupied the current 16,114-square-foot building since the school opened in September 2008 with seven classrooms and 126 students in kindergarten to fifth grade.
In 2010, there was a 8,763-square-foot seven–classroom addition built and in 2012 an additional 13,019 square feet was provided giving the school the needed space to house its 386 students.
Cologne Academy will now house three classrooms each of kindergarten, first, and second grade, two classrooms each of grades 3-5 and one classroom each of grades 6-8.
Each year Cologne Academy will continue to offer three kindergarten classes so that by the school year 2019-2020 the school will have three classrooms in all grades K-8.  Cologne Academy has long term strategic and financial plans to ensure and sustain the excellence in education it has established in its short tenure.
Cologne Academy is a kindergarten through eighth–grade Minnesota public academic charter school. For more information, visit

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