8-29-13 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Aug. 28, 2003
During a visit to the White House in June, Gail Cozine of Waconia and her children, Danielle and Connor, met with President Bush.
PATRIOT FORUM: What is your favorite dessert? “A fruit smoothie.”-Laurie Hobs-Waconia. “Smores.”-Cynthia Weiland-Waconia. “A root beer float.”-Kassie Graham-Waconia. “Ice cream and cake.”-Jackson Weiland-Waconia.
Seniors members of the 2003 Waconia High School cross country team include Jeremy Robb, Reid Larsen, Andy Neborak, David Deering, Kaylee Rasemussen, Jenna Ely, Louise Klingelhutz, Dana Sudheimer, Megan Bailey and Megan VanEyll. Other key runners that Coach Machtemes expects will make an impact this year include: sophomores Brandon Weinzierl and Matt Neubauer for the boys and sophomore Mackenzie Collins and eighth grader Nicole Willlems for the girls.
Senior members of the girls Wildcat soccer team this season are Danielle Chinander, Brittany Bammert and Ali Klason.
St. Bonifacius- Ben Wikstrom was named as the new city planner.
Jayne Magnuson of Burnsville and Gary Radel of Waconia were married at Faith Lutheran Church. Gary and Jayne are presently residing in Waconia.
The new Waconia city hall building is under construction. Crews are expected to be finished by late in the year.

25 Years Ago –Aug. 25, 1988
Waconia firefighters were called to a peat fire on Sunday to the area along the railroad tracks behind the Gerald Laumann property northwest of Waconia.
Shelly Stahlke, a Waconia High School graduate, spent the summer as an intern on the Washington D.C. staff of U.S. Congressman Gerry Sikorski. She is also a graduate from the College of St. Benedict.
School will begin at St. Joseph Catholic School on Sept. 6. Students will see two new teachers. Clark Machtemes will teach sixth, seventh and eighth grade social studies. Mary Beth Gorman will be a sixth, seventh and eighth grade math teacher.
The oldest bells in Waconia are suspended in the tower high above St. Joseph Church. There are three, plus a gong for sounding the death toll. The bells date back to 1863. Today Joe and Hattie Hilgers toll the bells each time a parishioner from the church dies. The bell at Trinity Lutheran Church in Waconia stands 110 feet above the ground. It has been tolled since the late 1800s. A manually rung bell is suspended 40 feet above the Moravian Church. It was donated by the H.R. Diessner Sr. family in 1925.
Mayer – Congratulations to Mike and Laurie Engelen of Waconia, formerly of Mayer, on the birth of their baby girl. She has two brothers, Ryan and Brandon.

50 Years Ago – Aug. 29, 1963
The Carver County 4-H Advanced Clothing Queen and her attendants are Donna Gabbert of the Minnewashta Pioneers club, Bonnie Jopp of the Hollywood Stars Club of Mayer and Charleen Wessbecker, a member of the Waconia Wonders Workers 4-H club.
Trinity Lutheran School opens Tuesday for the next year. The staff includes; Kindergarten-Mrs. Clarence Ortlip, Grade 1-Miss Carol Anderson, Grade 2 and 3-Miss Marlene Dierson, Grade 3 and 4-Mrs. Allen Luetke, Grades 5 and 6-Miss Shirley Heinert and Grade 7 and 8-Mr. Elmer Fritz.
Last Saturday evening the finals of the City Softball League were begun at the local diamond. The first game of the series was between the VFW and Maggies. Pete Lewis toed the rubber for the VFW and Dean Geiger for Maggies.
By popular demand the management of the Paradis Ballroom has booked a re-engagement of the Grand Ole Opry to appear on August 30th. Back by popular demand are Marvin Rainwater, Sue Ellen Bobby Hankins and The Blueboys.
Reverend John Melchert’s poultry won 38 ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair. The grand champion Bantam pullet of the show was also awarded to the Rev. Melchert on a Rose Comb Rhode Island Red Bantam.
Cologne – Miss Patricia Ehalt has been honored with two bridal showers this week. A personal shower was given at the home of Goria Schroers and a miscellanous shower was given at the Village Hall. Miss Ehalt and fiancé James Wells have chosen Sept. 21 as their wedding date.
The Lakeside 4-H club held its monthly meeting at the Donald Happ home. President Diane Loehers called the meeting to order. Our next meeting will be at the Wilmer Luedtke home.

75 Years Ago – Aug. 25, 1938
Cologne – The basketball team that created such a sensation last season, the Cologne Hollanders will sponsor a dance at the Cologne pavilion next week Wednesday evening. King Wirtz and his dance band have been secured to furnish the dance music. A 1938 Philco radio will be given away at this dance.
Four new teachers will greet students at Waconia High School. They are Luverne Ogard, who will teach English and Latin, Percy Downing, who will teach general science and junior high math, and Miss Claire Cleming and Miss Helen Perkins in the home economics department.
Lucille Stender of Young America had her tonsils removed here at the Nagel Hospital Tuesday.
A Mr. Dean of west of here was taken to Stillwater to begin a one to five year sentence in connection with chicken stealing on farms near here. Dean tried to place the blame on his son, aged 18. The son was not sentenced because it was felt his father was the instigator of the affair.
The recreational schedule for next week is Badminton at the tennis courts, swimming at Johnson’s Beach, D Ball at Johnson’s Beach and a bicycle outing at the school.
100 Years Ago – Aug. 29, 1913
Our otherwise peaceful village was panic stricken Sunday last when it was announced that a stranger was shooting up the town in genuine western cowboy fashion. Hundreds of people who were on the picnic grounds rushed down town and witnessed a sight that perhaps they will never care to see again. At the St. Joseph church corner two rough looking men held the town at bay for about a half hour. They attempted to kill Chief of Police Edward Radde. Mr. Weinzierl is the gentleman who challenged the fleeing deperados and fired the shot which killed their two horses. Mr. Kusserow was the first automobile owner out of many present who offered his services in apprehending the men. One of the men is in the county jail and the other is in St. Barnabas Hospital. There were 51 shot wounds in the person of George, but it is said he will recover.
A new game”Gossip” is having quite a run is some localities in the east. It is played with photographs. They are shuffled and dealt out like cards, every one in the party receiving a photo. It is then the play to tell every mean thing that can be thought of about the party photographed. The east is way behind the times. They have been playing that game in Waconia for many years without using the photographs.
We are indebted to Jack Wikel for a fine large bass which our better half prepared for us the other day. Many thanks, Jack.

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    Sounds like Waconia has had a problems with gun control for some time!