City of Watertown issues reminder to dog owners

Dogs have been getting a lot of attention in Watertown lately — and it has not been the type that makes Fido’s tail wag and eagerly seek a treat. Instead, the City has heard an increase in complaints about dogs running off leash, residents not cleaning up droppings, and dogs barking. It’s important that each dog owner in Watertown understand the rules related to man’s best friend to ensure we maintain a safe orderly community.

Off Leash

City Code prohibits dogs from running off leash in Watertown.  If your dog is found running loose in the community, your dog may be subject to impoundment and you may be subject to a fine.


Dog droppings are a nuisance which affect public health, as defined by the City’s Code.  You are required to clean up after your dog – and the City has attempted to make bags readily available through the trail system.


The City’s Code requires that no dog shall bark for “a five-minute period of time with one minute or less lapse of time between animal noise during the five minute period.”

If you see a dog running off leash, an owner not cleaning up after his or her pet, or you are experiencing a consistent barking issue, you are encouraged to call City Hall at 952-955-2681 weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. If you discover a Code violation outside of those hours, please call 911.