Waconia examines 2014 improvements

A number of improvements to streets, parks and other areas of Waconia are on the table for 2014.
The Waconia City Council approved survey work and a feasibility study for the 2014 Improvement Project during its meeting on Aug. 19. As proposed, the project features seven different components, the first being street improvements / full reconstruction of Maple Street (Lake to Main and Main to First), First Street (Maple to Cedar and Cedar to Walnut) and Cedar Street (First to Main).
The project consists of the removal and reconstruction of the entire road right-of-way, including bituminous surface, concrete curb and walk, and if necessary, sub-base street and drainage improvements. Utility improvement include sanitary sewer, water main, and some storm sewer improvements.
Associated property owners may face assessments related to the reconstruction portion of the project.
As explained by City Administrator Susan Arntz, the city assesses different elements of reconstruction projects in different ways. For example, residents typically pay 50 percent of a standard city street section; the city pays the oversizing costs for any extra width or depth. For utilities, residents typically pay 50 percent of the costs of the trunk lines during reconstruction.
At this time, the exact role assessments might play in this part of the project is being studied.
The 2014 Improvement Project also includes street improvements (final surfacing application) to the Interlaken 4th Addition / Development, improvements to the concrete apron at the fire station, the installation of a new basketball court and tennis court at Interlaken Park, concrete curb installation at Clearwater Mills Park and a trail connection on Main Street from Old Beach Lane to Legacy Village. The cost of all of these projects would be covered by various city funds.
One final aspect of the 2014 Improvement Project is a water re-use project on First Street. This project would be done in conjunction with ISD #110 and the Carver County Water Management Organization. The goal is to re-use storm water run-off from First Street and its watershed area for irrigation at Bayview Elementary School and its athletic fields. One benefit of this project is that it would treat and remove phosphorus from ultimately ending up in Burandt Lake.
In terms of a timeline, the entire project includes a public open house and public hearing that would be held in November. The final design would be approved in February 2014 and a contract would be awarded in April 2014. The project would start in May 2014 with the hope to finish in September.
Also during the meeting, the infrastructure improvement project at the intersection of 10th Street and Highway 284 continues to move forward.
One of the main features of the project is the installation of a roundabout at the intersection. Officials expect to award the project in September and begin construction shortly after Nickle Dickle Day on Sept. 14. The project is expected to take approximately nine weeks with completion coming sometime in November.
As part of this project, the city working with the Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) to complete some improvements on Airport Road. Those improvements include curb and gutter, bituminous surfacing, sidewalks and landscaping from CDA owned property on Airport Road to CSAH 59 / Main Street.
Although the CDA is financially responsible for those improvements, it is not responsible for finishing a portion of sidewalk located along a 377-foot stretch of road in front of Interlaken Place.
At one time, the developer Plowshares was responsible for this work but the developer has since filed for foreclosure on the development, meaning its letter of credit, which would have covered the work, is not available to fund the project. As a result, it is the city’s responsibility to complete that section of sidewalk and thus, the council approved the work at a cost of $8,540.
On a related note, the council approved the installation of street lighting within the Airport Road and Somerwood Drive corridors. The lighting will be installed by Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, which services the area, at a cost of approximately $46,600. In a situation similar to the sidewalk project noted earlier, the city is responsible for these costs and not the CDA. The work will be completed along with the Airport Road improvements, which are expected to be completed by mid-October.
In other matters:
• Starting earlier this year, Arntz became the president of Metro Cities, an organization that monitors activity at the legislature and the Met Council. Arntz has been on the Metro Cities board for the past six years and was selected as vice-president last year before being chosen as president this spring.
“This organization helps cities improve policies, programs, and legislation affecting metro area cities,” Arntz said. “I have been able to help bring the Waconia perspective to discussions about issues being considered. As a growing community on the edge of the metro area, we have a unique point of view to share.”
To learn more about Metro Cities, visit www.metrocitiesmn.org.
• Upcoming compost collection times include from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 14 and 28. Materials that can be collected include grass, leaves, garden waste, and brush no larger than three inches in diameter and no more than four feet in length. The cost is $1 per bag or $10 per pick-up/trailer load of materials.
For more information, contact city hall at (952) 442-2184 or Public Services at (952) 442-2615.
• A contract in the amount of $73,853 was awarded to Sunram Construction, Inc. regarding a project that will replace a boulder retaining wall on the east end of Second Street East. The wall is 142 feet long and ranges in height from two to 11 feet. The wall is failing and needs to be replaced to avoid possible property damage and erosion into the storm drainage system. Work is expected to begin in September and end in October.
• The council approved regular status for firefighter Devin Noeldner as he has successfully completed his one-year probationary period with the Waconia Fire Department.
• The city offices will be closed on Monday, Sept. 2 due to the Labor Day holiday. The council’s next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

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