9-19-13 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Sept. 18, 2003
The outdoor warning siren malfunctioned twice last week in Waconia.
The Nickle Dickle Day medallion was found by two Waconia children on Saturday. It was found by Jacob and Gabrielle Flatebo in the branches of a lone pine tree near the Bent Creek ballfield. The medallion was in a pouch hanging from the branches.
An estimated 20 people of all ages showed up at Cedar Point Park in Waconia last Wednesday to help clean the shores of Lake Waconia.
About 100 people packed the Waconia fire station last Thursday to remember the second anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States.
The Waconia Wildcats boys and girls cross country teams took fourth at the Norwood/Young America competition. The top runners for the boys were Andrew Neborak, Matt Neubauer, Brandon Weinzierl, Michael Krahulec and Andrew Armit. The top runners for the girls were Kaylee Rasmussen, Nicole Willems, Katelyn Waletich, Mackenzie Collins and Olivia Boll.

25 Years Ago – Sept. 15, 1988
Last May the state board of education passed a resolution urging the elimination of all racially derogatory mascots, symbols or emblems in schools throughout the state. The Waconia Chiefs will remain Chiefs for at least a while. The possibility of the “Chief” becoming a Laker or an Islander or some other mascot may come later.
The Knights of Columbus Park shelter on the creek road between Waconia and Chaska burned to the ground on Sunday. The Chaska Fire Department assisted the Waconia Fire Department. Fire fighters were on the scene for about two hours.
Cologne – Julie Wotczak was one of 12 elementary school students whose drawings were selected from 6,500 entries for the 1988 NSP Electric Safety Poster Calendar. She is the daughter of Joanne and Ken Wotczak of Cologne.
Happy 25th Mom and Dad! Love, Todd & Terry.
Dean Hilgers, a salesman at Waconia Ford/Mercury Inc., earned the “Top Gun” award from Waldoch Crafts, Inc., a van and sport truck conversion company located in Forest Lake.
Waconia High School football players dominated Rockford Friday evening. They won 35-0. Among team leaders were Eveslage, Greenslit, Noeldner, Segner, Haas, Hart, Ess, Gilbert, Berger, Mortensen and Theis.
Kerri Rolf was a player on one of the four volleyball teams that participated in the inaugural Concordia Invitational Volleyball tournament at Concordia College, St. Paul. She is the daughter of Dennis and Marlene Rolf of Waconia.

50 Years Ago – Sept. 19, 1963
Barry Maxson, chairman of the Waconia High School Drama Department announced the cast members for the upcoming play “Time Out For Ginger.” Among them are: Barb Northrup, Sue Mihelich, Jon Logelin, Denette Erickson, Peggy Bean, John Arnold, Nancy Weinzierl, Scott Wilson, Don Krautbauer and Jim Kaley. Stage and set designing will be supervised by John Hugo.
Richy Wagener, Cub Master for the city of Waconia last year organized and put into motion the Cub Scout program for the 1963-64 season. Mrs. Merlin Gatz, Mrs. Bud Berge and Mrs. Dorothy LaFountain are the mothers who volunteered their services as Den Mothers. Officers for the year are Orville Anderson, Jerome Short, and Earl Heinen.
Mark Willems, 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Willems, was missing Saturday and the parents, neighbors and friends and the Waconia Police Department searched for an hour and a half before the youngster was found sound asleep behind the garage door. He had been playing hide and seek with his sister and evidently thought that behind the garage door was a safe hiding place. While waiting for the seeker he fell asleep.
Mayer –The first home football game will be played on Sept. 20 at the Lutheran High School. Their opponents will be the Glen Lake Boy’s School.
Clifford Winter of Illinois was recently inducted as a Vicar at Trinity Lutheran Church in Waconia.
Victoria – The Victoria Dairy Queen located on Highway 5, one half mile west of Victoria is now open.
Paul Thom, son of Warner and grandson Johnny Thom were fishing on Lake Waconia Sunday. The three caught a total of 40 pounds of northern. Johnny was the top fisherman for the day but he insists Grandpa is the best fisherman in the area.

75 Years Ago – Sept. 15, 1938
The Waconia football squad got into action Thursday afternoon to begin the work for the 1938 season. After a game with Excelsior on Friday they will meet up with Bloomington, Chaska, Central, Cokato, Shakopee and Mound. Among the veterans on the squad are Benny Maiser, Gramith, Rauen, Orle Lenz, Ray Maiser, Orville Koehler, and Roland Hill. Outstanding candidates in the line are Stan Radde, Eddy Weinzierl Gordon Radde, Johnson, Fischer, Kunze, O’Reilly, Deissner, Sauter, Mackenthun, Peltz and several others.
Sites for the location of the fair buildings on the new fairgrounds were staked out Monday afternoon. The new fair grounds comprises about 15 acres of land, 10 acres of which will be used for the fair proper for next year’s fair.
The Moravian Ladies’ Aid Society will be entertained by Mrs. L. W. Schwalbe and Mrs. Helen Strong on Thursday afternoon.

100 Years Ago – Sept. 19, 1913
We are all strong in the belief that we shall meet each other in Heaven, but we turn up our noses and can’t see our neighbors when we pass them on the street.
Young man, we notice that you are not in school any more. What’s the matter? Think you have received enough of an education to carry you through this world? Or do you stay out because you don’t like to go to school? Don’t like teacher, eh! Well, let us tell you that you will find the meanest teacher on earth a dream of love besides some of those bosses you will work under in the cold and unfeeling years you will plow into when you have to get out and hustle for yourself. Education is the most valuable thing in the world to a man, but to a boy it comes the cheapest.
The saloon of Ed. J. Eckardt was burglarized Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. The thief or thieves gained entrance by cutting a hole near the lock and then pushing back the latch of the lock with a blade of a pocket knife. The cash register and all drawers were ransacked. A bag containing between $40 and $50, hidden under some towels in one of the drawers of the back bar was taken. The inner man was also refreshed, as could be seen by the glasses left standing on the bar.
Waconia druggist C.O. Diessner deserves praise from Waconia people for introducing here the simple buckthorn bark and glycerine mixture known as Adler-i-ka. This simple German remedy first became famous by curing appendicitis and it has now been discovered that A SINGLE DOSE removes sour stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY!
Alice Pofahl was a city visitor Tuesday.