10-3-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Health care plan is a train wreck waiting to happen

To the editor:

Some have said that the Republicans in the U.S. House should stop trying to repeal Obamacare. Amazingly enough, as a conservative Republican, I agree with them, not because I think this plan will turn out to be butterflies and rainbows, but because I, like our President, know that the full implementation of this heavy handed incursion into one fifth of our economy will be so disruptive that Republicans and Democrats alike would be running on repeal of this badly thought out and executed law.
Of course, I don’t think Congress should allow the President to illegally delay the employer mandate. His ongoing use of waivers to unions like the Federation of Teachers association, International Brotherhood of Trade Unions and large corporations like McDonalds — along with the subsidies to the Congress and its staff to offset the higher personal cost (those that wrote the bill) — shows that having this burden placed on any business or entity is not good for commerce or the personal budget. Already, insurance companies are giving notice to policy holders that their rates are increasing next year to cover the escalating costs mandated by Obamacare.
What increased costs? Besides the Medical device and half a dozen other taxes going into effect this year, the pre-existing condition clause will ensure that people who have never contributed to the pool (under Obamacare they will pay a fine only if they have income) will be able to demand that insurance companies pay in spite of the fact they never were a customer. The equivalent of getting insurance on your car the day after you wreck it.
Republicans have floated plans and bills that also have an automobile analogy, allowing health insurance companies to sell across state lines and pick the basic or comprehensive policy you want. The competition of capitalism means auto insurance companies fight for your business and that keeps costs down. Any guess which party has blocked these plans from getting out of committee?
Does this mean there’s no help for those that truly need it? Of course not, but the estimated 48.6 million people without insurance in this slow economy could all be made millionaires with a small percentage of what it is costing just to begin setting up this behemoth.
The “affordable” healthcare act is a train wreck waiting to happen; it is time to let the American people see what the left has in store for them, not in a slow trickle, but in the fully implemented law that the threat of, has already caused UPS and others to plan on dropping spouses from coverage. Home Depot, Walgreens, IBM and Trader Joe’s are among those declining to bear the rising costs of insuring employees, (because of the mandates imposed on insurance companies) and passing them off to government healthcare. Many companies with more than 50 employees are already cutting full time workers to under 30 hours to avoid the fines from the government for not providing healthcare for their full time workers when the employer mandate does take effect. This has unions across the country that formerly supported Obamacare screaming bloody murder (in 2018 there will be a 40 percent tax on Cadillac healthcare plans).
For a couple last points, the pricing model that our own healthcare exchange in Minnesota has been bragging about will have as much of a chance of surviving as any other government program budget, probably much worse percentage-wise. And the department in charge of enforcement and keeping track of our financial and medical records? Our friends at the IRS. Yeah, fund this mess, wreck the train now. The American people need to take the full dose of medicine they voted for.
Hopefully a lesson will be learned. Avoiding responsibility is expensive.

Frank Long