Waconia Lions donate $7,500 to WHS Marching Band

After completing a successful 2013 marching band season, the Waconia Marching Band found itself facing a problem with its snare drums. It had become very clear that the snare drums would not make it through another marching band season. The intense utilization of the snare drums combined with the weather extremes of the summer season had taken  a serious toll and the drums were starting to collapse.
The cost associated with replacing the snare drums could not only negatively impact the Waconia Marching Band budget, but the overall budget of the Waconia Band program. It left the directors struggling with how best to fund their urgent need. Enter the Waconia Lions!
Band Directors John Pohland and Phil Synder presented their donation request at the regular Waconia Lions meeting on Sept. 10. After the presentation the Waconia Lions members discussed the request, the number of students involved with the Waconia Marching Band program, how the Waconia Marching Band was involved within the community, and how they have represented all of District 110 within Minnesota and across America.
In the end, the decision for the Waconia Lions was an easy one and they approved the $7,500 necessary to fully fund the replacement of the snare drums for the Waconia Marching Band.