10-10 CCN Letters to the Editor

Hidden secret of ACA is that it’s designed to fail

 To the editor:

The current federal government “shut down,” the looming debt ceiling along with another sequestration debate speaks volumes as to the state of our nation. There confluence of these events will underscore which direction we are going to take. The continued spending, increased taxation and regulatory climate will have dire consequences going forward. In short, the politicians will decide on the health and viability of our lifestyle.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is presently the proverbial “bull in the china shop.” There can be no doubt that its spending and cost projections are on par with the predictions of “e-bingo” income here in Minnesota. Relying on the participation of young adults to bankroll the cost of medical care for the seniors will soon bankrupt the ACA. Young healthy adults have no incentive to enroll when they can do so the day they get sick!

The unintended consequences of the ACA have become far reaching with hundreds of businesses making major decisions about their companies insurance plans. Millions of Americans have been adversely effected. The 40 hour work week is vanishing. Go read Andrew Johnson’s article in the Oct. 1, 2013 issue of National Review Online. Remember when the president said, “if you like your plan you can keep it”? Remember when he said, “you can keep your present doctor”? Or that insurance premiums for a family of four will go down on average $2,500 annually?

The hidden secret about the ACA is that it is designed to purposely fail. Yes. Read that again. The real goal is to impart “single payer” coverage similar to Medicare. Cradle to grave federal medical control. Candidate Obama said this at an AFL-CIO Conference on June 29, 2008. He knew that an abrupt “single payer” plan would be too drastic for the American public. That was the major fault with “Hillary Care” of the mid 1990s. Still skeptical?

Sen. Harry Reid said in an interview with the Las Vegas PBS on Aug. 10, 2013 that the purpose of the ACA is to create so much animosity for the “plan” that people will readily accept the “single payer” option. Even as late as Oct. 6th, a CNN’s Candy Crowler stated this in her interview with Sen Ted Cruz.

So you see readers, what the Democrats have in store. To grow government much larger and have even more control over your life. The “statist” big government politicians have a contrary view of the Constitution and must ignore it to attain their goals. They rely on an uninformed electorate being swayed and tricked by clever sound bites and misstatements. Don’t be a victim and give them what they want!


Joe Polunc 



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

 To the editor:


The media is full of stories of difficulties, murder and mayhem in our society each day.

It appears at times that we as a culture have become accustomed to the everyday violence. The word “desensitized” can describe the numbness that many experience to the continual barrage of violence.

In 2012, violence led 741 known victims of domestic abuse to courageously step forward and ask for assistance from Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women.

Domestic abuse does happen in your community. What comes to mind when one says “domestic abuse” is battering. However, domestic abuse is much broader and deeper. It manifests itself in many ways.

Domestic abuse is all about power and control. An abuser controls a victim through verbal, emotional, physical, sexual and/or economic abuse. For the 741 victims who reached out to Southern Valley Alliance, their reality encompassed many of these factors.

However, I ask you, the reader, have we become complacent, accepting that domestic abuse will always be with us, a dark secret that happens behind closed doors? We must look deeply and introspectively, individually and corporately.

Have we allowed the gradual seeping of violence in our media, the general acceptance of the crassness in our society and not holding accountable wrong behavior to permeate our society to a level that we no longer care?

Do we no longer care that our neighbor is in distress, battered, and abused? Have we allowed our minds and emotions, but mostly our hearts to become desensitized? Hmm … we need a change of heart. A heart that says no to violence at all fronts. A heart that breaks at the statistics of 741 victims. A heart that will personally say, I will change in what I watch and allow into my home and my mind.

The power of “I,” the power of one, collectively turns out to be “we,” then all of “us.”

It eventually changes a society from the inside out. I ask you, what is the condition of your heart?


Janice McCrady

Community Outreach Coordinator

Southern Valley Alliance 

for Battered Women